Payne, Reg


Payne, Reg
R Payne


14 items. Two oral history interviews with Reg Payne (1923 - 2022, 1435510 Royal Air Force), his memoirs and photographs. Reg Payne completed a tour of operations as a wireless operator with 50 Squadron from RAF Skellingthorpe. His pilot on operations was Michael Beetham.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Reg Payne and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

This collection also contains items concerning Fred Ball. Additional information on Fred Ball is available via the IBCC Losses Database.





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Payne, R

Collection Items

Reg Payne holding painting of two Lancasters
Reg Payne holding one of his paintings. Two Lancasters in flight. VN-B and KM-Y. On the reverse 'Reg Payne 0220'.

Reg Payne holding Lancaster model
Head and shoulders of Reg Payne holding a model Lancaster mounted on a base. The base has an RAF cap badge.

Lincoln Cathedral
An illustration of Lincoln Cathedral from Brayford Pool. In the foreground are sailing ships and three swans.

Reg Payne's crew
Seven airmen in a line wearing flying gear and Mae Wests. One man has no life jacket. A caption supplied with the photograph reads 'his [Reg Payne's] crew when the pilot was Sir Michael Beetham - this was the crew in the plane that crashed near East…

Wireless operator training RAF Yatesbury
A group of six airmen arranged in two rows. Reg Payne is top left.
On the reverse
'W/Op training RAF Yatesbury
Reg Payne
Keith Kenway
Robbie Robertson
Ron Boydon
George Plank
Eric "Tubby" Melhuish'.

Wireless operator / air gunner training
A group of 12 airmen, all in fatigues except one man wearing a shirt and tie. On their left is an air raid shelter. Reg Payne is third from the right, back row.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Reg Payne at home
Reg Payne seated in a room. Behind is a bookcase and reading lamp.

Reg Payne holding his uniform
A modern photograph of Reg Payne in his front room holding his RAF uniform with Wireless Operator brevet. He is wearing a casual shirt and slacks. Behind is a fireplace and a small table.

The Death of Fred Ball
Details of the funeral of Sergeant Frederick Charles Ball (1921 - 1944, 1161312 Royal Air Force) in Leicester, attended by four of the crew, including (Sir) Michael Beetham. The tragedy brought Reg and Ena closer together and they agreed not to get…

Notes by Reg Payne
Notes by Reg Payne about his wartime service. The loss of friends and colleagues and the effect on parents and individuals is discussed. There is also a summary of his operations between 22 November 1943 and 01 May 1944. He records the target and the…

Before I was in the RAF by Reg Payne
An account by Reg Payne of his wartime experiences. Too young to sign up at the start of the war he spent two years in the Home Guard. Training started at age 18 and lasted for two years. He served at RAF Skellingthorpe and his brother served at RAF…

Aviation Memory
A detailed account of Reg Payne's service in the RAF. He starts with a list of 18 RAF bases where he served in his 5 years of service. He was 16 when war was declared but volunteered for the RAF at 17. After tests he was selected for training as a…

Interview with Reg Payne. One
Reg Payne was born in Kettering, he left school at fourteen and worked for the British Legion. He volunteered for the RAF when he was seventeen and a half and trained as a wireless operator and air gunner. He describes his training learning Morse…

Interview with Reg Payne. Two
Reg Payne was born in Kettering in 1923. He left school at the age of fourteen and just before he was eighteen he volunteered to join the RAF. He did his basic training at Blackpool learning Morse Code in the tram sheds. From there he did his…
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