Matthews, Edward Harry


Matthews, Edward Harry
E H Matthews


Five items. An oral history interview with Sergeant Edward 'Ted' Matthews (1925 - 2017, 1899046 Royal Air Force), his log book flight engineer's course notebook and photographs. He flew operations as flight engineer with 77 Squadron.

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Matthews, EH

Collection Items

Flight engineer
Head and shoulder portrait of an airman wearing battledress with engineer's brevet and side cap.

Seven airmen
Seven aircrew, four sitting in front and three standing behind. All wear battledress and side caps. The officer back right has pilot's brevet and all the other half brevets.

Edward Mathews flight engineers course notebook
For Halifax III and VI. Includes duties of flight engineer, annotated drawing of flight engineer's panel, details of systems: anti-icing, oxygen, cabin heating, flying controls, pneumatic system, pyrotechnics, Messier hydraulic system, flap circuit,…

Edward Mathews’ flying log book for navigators air bombers air gunners flight engineers
Flying log book for navigators air bombers air gunners flight engineers for E H Mathews, flight engineer, covering the period from 18 December 1944 to 7 July 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at Raf St Athan,…
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