Kemp, Maurice


Kemp, Maurice
Maurice William Denton Kemp
M W D Kemp


Four items. An oral history interview with Flight Sergeant Maurice Kemp (1925 - 2016, 2221885 Royal Air Force), a list of operations and photographs. He served as a mid upper gunner on Lancaster with 115 Squadron in 1945. He carried out 9 operations and then took part in operations Manna and Exodus.
The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by aurice Kemp and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.


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Kemp, M

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Flight Sergeant Maurice Kemp
Head and shoulder portrait of an airman wearing tunic with air gunner brevet and medal ribbons

Aircrew and groundcrew in front of a Lancaster
Seven aircrew wearing battledress standing in line behind eight ground crew squatting down. In the background a Lancaster with cartoon chorus girl nose art. Maurice Kemp is second from right back row. Additional information about this item was…

Maurice Kemp list of operations
Notes persona details and hours flown day and night on 115 Squadron at RAF Witchford. Lists operation to Kiel, Potsdam, Gelsenkirchen, Karmen, Bruchstrasse, Munster, Hamm and Heligoland. List sorties on Operation Manna at the Hague, Operation Exodus…
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