Fraser, Donald Keith


Fraser, Donald Keith
D K Fraser


12 items. Two oral history interviews with Warrant Officer Donald Keith Fraser DFM (1924 - 2022, 1566621 Royal Air Force), a memoir, his log book, photographs and service material. The collection also contains an interview with Sylvia Fraser, his wife. He flew a tour of operations as a flight engineer with 101 Squadron.

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Fraser, DK

Collection Items

Sylvia Fraser and Pub Landlord
Two photographs.
1 is a half length portrait of Sylvia Fraser.
2 is a landlord standing outside the entrance to the Thorold Arms at Marston, South Kesteven.
Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.
This item was…

Interview with Sylvia Fraser
Discusses her father's pre-war charabanc business and the pub he ran during the war. Also mentions her work in a factory in Grantham and the occasion when a possible spy took his own life when he was arrested. One day an airman and his friends…

Interview with Donald Fraser. Two
Donald Fraser completed a tour of operations as a flight engineer with 101 Squadron. He discusses the importance of ground personnel, his crew, his operations and the conditions at RAF Ludford Magna. He describes having to stop his mid-upper gunner…

Donald Fraser
Head and shoulders side portrait of Donald Fraser wearing civilian clothing.

Donald and Sylvia Fraser's wedding party
11 members of the wedding party including Donald and Sylvia Fraser. They are standing outside the church.

Donald and Sylvia Fraser and the bridesmaids
Donald and Sylvia Fraser on their wedding day. They are followed by two bridesmaids.

Donald and Syliva Fraser's wedding
Donald and Sylvia Fraser on their wedding day. She is holding a large floral bouquet.

Donald Fraser's Service and Release book
Service and release book of Donald Fraser from 23 July 1942 to 9 September 1946.

Envelope addressed to F/Sgt Fraser
An envelope originally sent by National Geographic Magazine addressed to '1566621 F/Sgt. Fraser Mess RAF Bottesford N. Nottingham'.

Donald Fraser's navigator's, air bomber's, air gunner's flying log book
Navigator’s air bombers and air gunner’s flying log book for Donald Fraser DFM, flight engineer, covering the period from 17 July 1943 to 25 February 1946. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at…

WO Donald Keith Fraser
Memoir describing his life and service career in the RAF. He also gives a list of 29 operations he participated in with notes on specific operations, and recounts a brief history of the Lancaster.

Interview with Donald Keith Fraser, One
Donald Fraser grew up in Fifeshire, and worked in forestry until he volunteered into the RAF in 1942, aged eighteen. He trained as a flight engineer and completed a tour of operations with 101 Squadron. He recalls operations to Berlin, being hit by…
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