Johnson, Ken


Johnson, Ken
K A Johnson


Three items. Two oral history interviews with Ken Johnson (b. 1924, 1595311 Royal Air Force) and one photograph. He flew operations as an air gunner with 61 Squadron.

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Johnson, KA

Collection Items

Harry Watkins and crew
Ken Johnson's crew. Captioned ‘LL91 QR-X “Xray” with Harry Watkins crew L-R Doug. Hockin (N) Fred Jowitt (E) Johnny Ware (W/O) Ted Ray (B/A) Front- Harry Watkins (P) Ken Johnson (MUG) Hugh Green (RG)’

Interview with Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson was born in Doncaster. At the start of the war the family was living in Sheffield but his father decided they should move back to Doncaster to avoid bombing. Ken started work as a joiner and later made cables for barrage balloons. Despite…

Interview with Ken Johnson
Kenneth Alfred Johnson joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 19, after being in a reserved occupation making barrage balloon cables. He trained as an air gunner, serving as a mid-upper gunner.
He had a spell at the Operational Training Unit,…
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