Hooker, Fred


Hooker, Fred
Fred J Hooker
F J Hooker


31 items. Two oral history interviews with Sergeant Fred Hooker (b. 1924, 1850487 Royal Air Force) and his scrapbook containing photographs and documents. He flew operations as a mid-upper gunner with 102 Squadron and became a prisoner of war on 12 September 1944.

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Hooker, FJ

Collection Items

Parents Golden Wedding "Minnie and William" 1962
Three quarter length portrait of Fred Hooker's parents.

Andrew Wiseman
A page referring to Andrew Wiseman who got separated from the main group during the Long March. A business card with his name, Linguist Russian, Polish, German is included.

This item has been redacted in order to protect the privacy of third…

Bomber Command Dining-in-Night
Programme for event held at RAF Odiham, including a menu. Fred is referred to as an Honoured Guest, as is Andy Wiseman.

X Prisoners of War From the parish in recognition of Service
A caption 'A token of appreciation of your War Service' which included a visit to Aldershot Hippodrome and a meal at the White Lion Hotel.
Item 1 is a caption.
Item 2 is a caption 'Programme of Show.
Item 3, 4 and 5 are the programme of the show -…

Japan behind the Fan
An excerpt from page 213 of a book entitled Japan behind the Fan. It refers to a temple with photographs of dead servicemen including James W Hooker.

James William Hooker 1938
A half length portrait of James Hooker in naval uniform captioned 'Brother James William first photograph in uniform 1938.' Also included is a photograph of a gravestone for Hilda Ruth Hooker and James William Hooker who died in a prisoner of war…

Charlie Waterman and Fred Hooker
Fred Hooker, in uniform and Charlie Waterman in a suit and tie (and with corsage). It is captioned 'Charlie Waterman who saved me from burning aircraft'.

Fred Hooker - Warrant Officer
Fred Hooker's warrant appointment document.

Letter to Fred Hooker from RAF Records
The letter advises Fred that his records have all been destroyed except Form 543 which they enclosed with the letter.

This item has been redacted in order to protect the privacy of third parties.

Fred Hooker's Service Record
Issued to Fred Hooker detailing his service record.

Nachrichten für die Truppe
Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring resigns as Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe for health reasons. His replacement is [Robert Ritter] von Greim. Setbacks described in multiple locations: lower Oder; northern Italy; several places in south, with…

Stalag Luft 7 Bankau Poland
A map of Stalag Luft 7 drawn by D G Gray and dated December 1944. It shows a compound of huts, one of tents and one under construction. The Russians have a separate, smaller compound as do the Germans.

Includes measurements, direction indicator,…

Fred Hooker's Prisoner Identity Card
An identity card issued to Fred Hooker at Dulag Luft.

Fred Hooker prisoner of war  ID Card
An identity card issued to Fred Hooker when he was captured.

Fred Hooker's notes after being shotdown
Notes kept by Fred Hooker after being shot down. It details the evacuation of the camp from Stalag Luft 7 to Stalag 3A with deaths recorded.

Forced March
A sketch map of the route taken by the prisoners from Stalag Luft 7. It names the towns passed through, the numbers of prisoners killed and their rations for 21 days.

12 Photographs of Second Camp Stalag 3A
Photo 1 captioned 'View of Sleeping Bunks', shows three tiers of bunks.
Photo 2 captioned 'Table and Bench Seat' shows two men at the table, one seated.
Photo 3 is of a church, captioned 'Converted Hut by Russian POW for Worshipping'.
Photo 4 is…

Stalag 3A Photographs
An explanatory note for a set of 12 photographs taken in Stalag 3A in April 1945.

Caterpillar Club card and pin
A mocked up membership card and photograph of pin issued to Sergeant Fred Hooker. It is captioned 'Ervin [sic] Parachute Company Issue Original Membership Club Card Mislaid Pin kept with medals'.

Halifax in the air
Copies of two air to air photographs of different marks of Halifax, photographs of mid upper and rear turret plus a short cutting about the Halifax on a scrapbook page.

Fred Hooker's crew
A list of seven aircrew, their position and where they were from, including Fred Hooker.

Dishforth 1944 while converting to Halifax aircraft
Fred Hooker, in uniform, standing in front of a metal building, captioned 'Dishforth 1944 while converting to Halifax aircraft'.

Fred Hooker's Brevet and stripes, 1944
Shoulder badge, air gunner brevet and sergeant's stripes captioned 'Original breve [sic] and stripes issued on passing out 1944'.

Gunnery School South Wales
12 trainee airmen arranged in two rows. Fred Hooker is second from left, seated. They have a board with 'No 127 Course Air Gunners Squad 15, 3-1-44 B G'. On the reverse are signatures of all 12 men.

Room Mates Bridlington, 1944 [sic]
Five trainee airmen including Fred Hooker, arranged round a desk. On the reverse are signatures of four men and 'Bridlington 1943'.
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