Bunce, Sidney


Bunce, Sidney
Frederick Sidney George Bunce
F S G Bunce


Seven items. An oral history interview with Sidney Bunce (b. 1925, 3006260 Royal Air Force) notes, service material and four photographs. He served as an engine mechanic with 115 Squadron at RAF Witchford and at RAF Wratting Common with 195 Squadron.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Sidney Bunce and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Bunce, FSG

Collection Items

Sid Bunce's Service and Release Form
Service and release book of Leading Aircraftsman F S G Bunce. Service from 24 August 1943 to 1 April 1947.

List of immediate post war operations
Last bombing operation on 24 April 1945, then operation Manna, Exodus, Baedecker and Post Mortem with a brief description of the operations.

Sid Bunce as a young boy
Sid Bunce sitting on a chair.

Flight Lieutenant J Sutherland and crew
Seven aircrew standing in front of a Lancaster, on the reverse '115 Squadron Witchford, F/L J G Sutherland RAAF and crew. Completed 30 ops. A4-D completed 105 operations.' The crew are listed on a separate note as 'F/O J G Sutherland RAAF pilot, F/S…

Sid Bunce with 115 Squadron ground crew
Eleven ground crew in front of centre section of Lancaster, on the reverse '115 Squadron, RAF Witchford, Sid Bunce second from right standing'. Nose art on aircraft indicating 30 completed operations. Airman on bicycle in background.

Sid Bunce with aircrew and ground crew members
14 airmen standing and kneeling in front of a Lancaster with nose art indicating 29 operations completed.

On the reverse: '115 Squadron, RAF Witchford, Sid Bunce' and 'Sid X'.

Interview with Sidney Bunce
Sidney Bunce grew up in Buckinghamshire and worked in a butchers and a dairy. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force aged 18 and trained as a flight mechanic engineer. He served with 115 Squadron at RAF Witchford and at RAF Wratting Common with 195…
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