Clyde-Smith, Denis


Clyde-Smith, Denis
Clyde-Smith, D


Collection contains 26 items and concerns Squadron Leader Denis Clyde-Smith Distinguished Service Order, Distinguished Flying Cross, who joined the Royal Air Force and trained as a pilot in 1937. He flew in the anti aircraft cooperation role including remotely piloted Queen Bee aircraft before serving on Battle aircraft on 32 Squadron. He completed operational tours on Wellington with 115 and 218 Squadrons and Wellington and Lancaster with 9 Squadron after which he went to the aircraft and armament experimental establishment at Boscombe Down. The collection consists of two logbooks, aircraft histories of some of the aircraft he flew, photographs of people and aircraft, newspaper articles and gallantry award certificate.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by John Clyde-Smith and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Clyde-Smith, D

Collection Items

Halifax parked on airfield pan
View of the top of a Halifax parked on a concrete pan. There are several groups of men wearing uniform standing all around the aircraft looking at various parts.

Wedding guests
Left, a large group of people outside a church.
Center, a large group of people in formal dress outside a church. One is wearing morning dress with buttonhole. To the left the side of a car. Right, a large group of people walking down a road. In…

Denis Clyde-Smith's wedding
Left, Denis Clyde-Smith wearing uniform and his wife in wedding dress walking out of church. People can be seen behind them. On either side men in steel helmets are part of an honour guard with stirrup pumps lying ready on the ground.
Right a…

Denis Clyde-Smith wedding
Squadron Leader Denis Clyde Smith wearing uniform tunic with pilots brevet and medal ribbons on the left, arm in arm with his bride who is wearing a wedding dress and carries a bouquet of flowers. Behind them a guard of honour and onlookers on both…

Denis Clyde-Smith with his crew in front of Lancaster 'Zola'
Six aircrew wearing tunic or battledress all with aircrew brevet standing in line in front of the nose of a Lancaster. The Lancaster has nose art of a lady swirling her dress, the name Zola and twelve bomb symbols. The bomb bay doors are open. At…

Horse, Wolseley 14/60, and a Royal Air Force officer
Top left, a horse standing to the left of a Wolseley 14/60 registration 'CYA 555'. In the background right a house.
Top right, front view of the same car. In the background trees.
Bottom, a Royal Air Force officer standing behind a car. He is…

Top left, the forepart of a saddled horse standing in front of a house.
Top right, the forepart of a horse with a figure standing obscured behind it. In the background trees.
Bottom, a woman wearing a jacket leading two horses by the reins. In…

Top left, a saddled horse head on with a woman holding reins standing on the right. In the background a low trellis, garden and trees.
Top right, a saddled horse head on standing in a garden. In the background a low trellis, fences and trees.…

Top left, a saddled horse standing on a driveway by a house wall with creeping ivy.
Top right, A saddled Horse standing on a driveway. To the right a car and part of a building with window.
Bottom, a saddled horse with a woman standing holding…

Family photographs, pets and scenic view
Top left, a baby sitting on a checked rug in a garden,
Top centre, a woman lying back on a lawn with a baby on her lap and a dog on the right. In the background bushes.
Top right, a woman wearing a dark boiler suit standing in front of a double…

Top, a composite panoramic view of open countryside.
Second row left, waves breaking on a shoreline. Coast in the distance. Second row centre, sea shore with groynes in middle distance and a building further back on the right.
Second row right, a…

Scenes with DH.82B Queen Bee aircraft, sea scenes and Royal Air Force personnel
Top left, a DH.82B Queen Bee aircraft on the left in front of a hangar. A man is standing under the starboard wing. To the right a crane.
Top centre a DH.82B Queen Bee aircraft being loaded onto a launching track. A man is holding guide line and…

Pets, Abney Hall and fishing
Top left, two spaniel dogs standing with paws on top of wire fence. In the background a single story building with a car in front.
Top centre, Abney Hall. In the foreground a field with cows.
Top right, two dogs eating from bowl in a garden.…

People, horses and landscapes
Top left, head and shoulders image of a woman with trees in the background.
Top centre, two horse looking out of individual stables.
Top right, head and shoulders image of a man wearing jacket and tie.
Upper middle, composite panoramic view…

Wedding party
Formal wedding picture of Bride and groom along with bridesmaids and another man standing in front of a stone arch doorway. The men are in formal dress and the women in wedding outfits.

Two young women in bridesmaid dresses standing either side of a young girl similarly dressed. The two women are carrying baskets of flowers. To the left a line of choristers.

Wedding couple
A man in formal dress carrying a top hat standing on the left. On the right a woman in wedding dress carrying a wedding bouquet. They are standing in an arched doorway with the head of another man visible behind them.

Horse riding
Top left, a woman on a horse silhouetted against the sky with trees and horizon in the background.
Top right, side view of a woman sitting on a horse with a fence, trees and substantial house in the background.
Bottom, a three quarter length…

Men on a boat and woman on a horse
Top, two men in civilian dress one smoking a pipe sitting in a small boat at sea. A third man wearing a white peaked cap is standing with a line in his hands. In the background a coastline with buildings. Bottom a women in riding clothes and helmet…

Beach scenes, Royal Air Force scenes and DH.82B Queen Bee aircraft
Top left, a man in shirt and shorts sitting on the left on a beach alongside to the right a woman in dress.
Top centre, an man in shirt sleeves sitting on a beach.
Top right, five pilots standing in a row in front of a lorry. All are wearing…

Geese, dog, buildings and Hawker Henley and DH.82B Queen Bee aircraft
Top left, five geese in a field.
Top centre a dog sitting on a grass lawn with car in the background. Top right, a single story building in the distance with a car in front. Middle left, close up of five geese.
Middle centre, a dog standing on a…

Two men and two women in front of car, and four men in a boat
Top, two women in coat and dresses, one holding a cat are flanked by two men wearing jacket and tie. They are standing in front of a car with a dog on its roof. In the background a building with windows.
Bottom, three men wearing jacket and tie…

Man with top hat and two women walking down a street, and three Royal Air Force officers
Left, a man in formal dress with top hat on the right is along side a woman with dark coat and hat walking down a street. Another woman with coat and hat is slightly in front on the left and is glancing to the right. Behind left buildings.

A aircrew man
Badly damage image of a aircrew man wearing flying suit, carrying a parachute and standing on grass. His face is not visible. In the background parts of building/tents.

Ship Radstock near dock with DH.82B Queen Bee on board
Front view of a ship with DH.82B Queen Bee on board. There are two men on the fore peak and others amidship. The aircraft is in the centre. There is a man looking out of the wheelhouse window. Ship named Radstock has three tyre fenders on the port…
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