Moore, Bill


Moore, Bill
William Tait Moore
William T Moore
William Moore
W T Moore
W Moore


Eight items. Three oral history interviews with William Tait "Bill" Moore (1924 - 2019, 1823072 Royal Air Force) and five photographs. He served as a navigator with 138 Squadron.




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Moore, WT

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Bill Moore
Head and shoulders image of Bill Moore in uniform with a half brevet and whistle.

Seven airmen
Six airmen standing in long grass at the tail of a Lancaster. A seventh airman is seated in the rear gunner's position The guns have been removed from the rear turret. Bill Moore is third from the right. The men are dressed in full flying kit and are…

Seven airmen
Seven airmen in flying kit standing in long grass in front of the nose of a Lancaster. They are wearing Mae West life vests.

28 airmen
28 airmen arranged in three rows in front of an Anson and a single storey building behind. Sergeant Bill Moore, front row second from left, is marked with a blue cross.

Royal Canadian Air Force Air Observer School
An airman standing beside a signboard with 'Royal Canadian Air Force Air Observer School British Commonwealth Air Training Plan'.

Interview with Bill Moore. One
William Moore was born in Dunoon, Scotland in August 1924 and joined the Royal Air Force after spending some time in the Air Cadet Defence Corps and in the Air Training Corps. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force at the age of 17 and completed his…

Interview with Bill Moore. Two
Bill Moore joined the Royal Air Force after spending time in the Air Defence Cadet Corps, qualifying as an observer. He tells of his family history in wartime and his transatlantic trip, landing in New York before heading to Canada for his training.…

Interview with Bill Moore. Three
Bill Moore grew up in Scotland and volunteered for the Royal Air Force. He completed 36 operations as a navigator with 138 and 161 Squadrons.

Please note: The veracity of this interview has been called into question. We advise that corroborative…
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