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Lamb, Alexander
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Alexander Lamb
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11 items. An oral history interview with Alexander McPherson Lamb (b. 1925, 1827673 Royal Air Force), his decorations, album and photographs. He flew operations as an air gunner with 15 Squadron.
The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Alexander Lamb and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Collection Items

Six airmen
Six airmen including Alexander Lamb grouped at the boarding hatch of a Lancaster. Annotated with 'navigator on leave'.

Alexander Lamb
Head and shoulders portrait of Alexander Lamb in uniform. His air gunner brevet is visible.

Heligoland Cutting
A newspaper cutting showing Heligoland before and after it was bombed by Lancasters.

Escape Material and Photographs
Six head and shoulders portraits of Alexander Lamb and a page of English-Dutch phrases. They are captioned 'Escape pictures for use in fake docs if needed'.

Alexander Lamb's Decorations
Three medals awarded to Alexander - 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star and War Medal 1939 to 1945.

Alexander Lamb's Operational Diary
An unofficial diary kept by Alexander from March 21st, 1945 to May 2nd 1945.

Lancasters at Pomigliano D'Arco
Several Lancasters lined up on the ground. There are many men on the ground waiting to be loaded on, annotated 'Pomigliano D'Arco Trooping Brining [sic] Soldiers home. August 46'. (nb.. looks like part of Operation Dodge so could possibly be date…

Lancaster Formation
Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 has seven Lancasters in loose formation.
Photo 2 has three Lancasters in loose formation over a town.

Lancaster Formation Flying
An air-to-air side view of a Lancaster, annotated 'Formation Flying'.

Alexander Lamb and his crew
Seven airmen. On the reverse -
'My Crew "The Boys" At Wigsley March 1945 reading left to right
Front Row
Jock Bathgate (A/G)
Jack Darlow (Skipper)
Jock Lanm (A/G)
Back Row
Alf Porter (Navigator)
Bob Lane (Engineer)
Eric Gabb (Wireless…

Six airmen on a Lancaster
Five airmen sitting on the top of a Lancaster with a sixth sitting in the cockpit. 134 operations are marked on the nose and '134 Not Out'. Lancaster LS-J.
A second copy is annotated 'Rear Gunner Skipper F/Eng Midgunner B/Aimer W/Op Nav on leave'.

Six airmen sitting on a Lancaster
Six airmen seated between the cockpit and the mid-upper turret. On the reverse 'The Boys XV Gunnery
2Doc" Watson
Ernie Murwald
Tich Collier (WOP) How did he get in there?
Jimmy Palmer
Johnny Weston'.

Lancasters over Lowestoft
An air-to-air view of two Lancasters in formation taken from the rear turret of a third. Both have fared over front turrets and no mid upper turrets. They are over Lowestoft on the Suffolk coast. White prefabs on the Gunton estate and Eastern Coach…

Lancaster in the air
An air-to-air side view of Lancaster LS-Z taken from another in formation, annotated 'Front Line Lanc Special W/C Bell Wyton 46'.

Air gunner in rear turret
Alexander in the rear turret of a Lincoln, annotated 'Lincoln May 47 My Office BP Type D 2.5" Wyton'.

Visit to Irvin parachutes
A group of 18 airmen and a two civilian men and one woman, arranged in three rows at the edge of a wood, annotated 'Visit to Irvin parachutes'.

Four airmen and a Lancaster
Four airmen standing in snow at the nose of a Lancaster, captioned '44 Sqdn KM-H Snow science 46/47 Wyton 15 Sqdn Gunners Stand by Air Sea Rescue'.

Lancaster rear turret
Alexander holding the barrels of two guns of his rear turret, annotated 'FH121 My Office Mildenhall 45 303 10,000 rounds 2500 per gun'.

Billet at RAF Wyton
A row of bunk beds, some occupied, captioned 'Billets Wyton'.

15 Squadron Gunnery Leader
Rear turret with a gunner inside, annotated 'Gunner Leader 15 Sqdn'.

An airman leaning out of the cockpit of a Lincoln aircraft, annotated 'Lincoln Wyton 47'.

Mildenhall from 1000'
An oblique aerial photograph of RAF Mildenhall showing two hangars and numerous building in the north-west section of the airfield. Annotated 'Mildenhall in 1946 1000 ft up'.

Additional information kindly provided by Andrew Gordon and and Tommy…

15 Squadron air gunners
Four airmen sitting on grass with four standing behind, annotated 'Gunners 15 Sqdn May 46'.

Air gunner instructor course
Six airmen arranged in two rows in front of a large building. One photograph has been annotated 'Mildenhall 46 Alf Jack Cooper Self Bob Freddie'.

No 73 AGI Course
Six airmen arranged in two rows in front of a brick building. It is annotated 'EAAS 1320 - No 73 AGI Course - Aug 1945'.
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