McDonald, Donald


McDonald, Donald
Donald Alexander McDonald
Donald A McDonald
Donald McDonald
D A McDonald
D McDonald


Five items. One oral history interview with Donald Alexander McDonald (1920 - 2021, 410364 Royal Australian Air Force) as well as two letters, a concert programme and notes on his interview. He flew operations as a pilot with 466 and 578 Squadrons.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Donald McDonald and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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McDonald, D

Collection Items

Interview Notes: 410364 Don McDonald, 578 and 466 Sqn Halifax pilot 1944-45
Notes on locations for Don McDonald's home, training in Australia. Notes people mentioned and scanned documents relating to a leave that Don enjoyed in London and includes a story of the leave written up by the interviewer from his notes which was…

Admission and program folder
Folder containing admission to the King’s Box, Royal Albert Hall on March 25th 1944 for a Grand Concert to to celebrate Sir Henry J. Wood 's75th Birthday. Contains programme and appreciation.

Letter to Donald McDonald from from the Commonwealth of Australia
Congratulates him on his DFC and enclosing a DFC ribbon “in case you are unable to obtain this locally".

Letter to Donald McDonald from Buckingham Palace
Invites him to investiture on 22 June 1945.

Interview with Donald McDonald
Donald McDonald grew up in Australia and worked for a general store before he volunteered for the Royal Australian Air Force. He flew operations as a pilot with 466 and 578 Squadrons. He returned to Australia after the war where he became involved in…
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