Parry, William Edward


Parry, William Edward
Parry, W E


34 items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer William Edward Parry DFC (1912 - 1996, 1177401 Royal Air Force) and contains his decorations, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 9 Squadron.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Frances Lee and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Parry, WE

Collection Items

Bill Parry's Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520A issued to Bill. It contains brief details of his RAF service.

Andover's Lancasters
A lecture given to Andover's Archaeology and Local History Society on 23 February 1996.

Holten in Oorlogstjd (1984) - Holten in Wartime
A detailed account of the night's events leading to the shooting down of a Lancaster over the Netherlands.

Notes of Interview with William Parry 9 Squadron Ground Crew
A biography of Bill covering his RAF years.

A port side/front view of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'Bill'.

Three Airmen and Two Women
The five are standing with arms linked in front of a saloon car.

Two Airmen and a WAAF
The three are sitting on a motorcycle. The WAAF is driving and the two men are sitting behind.

Four Men and a Woman
The three men are in RAF uniform, the fourth man and the woman are in civilian clothes.

Three Airmen
Three airmen standing in front of a saloon car.

Three Men
Two of the men are sunbathing and the third man is in RAF uniform.

Wedding photograph
An airman and his bride, two bridesmaids, a best man and the father of the bride. They are standing outside Holy Cross Shrewsbury.

Seven Airmen and a Lancaster
Seven men standing at the tail of Lancaster, ED656.

11 Airmen
A mix of air and ground crew standing on the wing of an aircraft.

Five Airmen and a Lancaster
Five men standing at the front of Lancaster 'R'. Another is in the pilot's seat. The aircraft has 'Robbie's Reply' and ten bomb symbols on beneath the cockpit.

12 Aircrew, ground crew and a WAAF and a Wellington
11 men and a WAAF standing in front of a Wellington 'Y'. The Wellington has a large bomb symbol with 38 on it painted on the nose.

11 Aircrew and ground crew on a Lancaster
11 men standing and sitting on the wing of a Lancaster.

11 Ground Crew and Wellington 'Zola'
11 ground crew standing in front of a Wellington 'Zola'.
An image of Zola in underwear, 16 bomb symbols, and the phrase 'P hole gents' are painted on the fuselage.

On the reverse 'William Edward Perry IX Squadron Bomber Command serving with…

Seven Airmen and a Lancaster
Seven crew, in flying kit, standing in front of a Lancaster. Each man is named on the reverse.

12 Airman and a Lancaster
A mix of air and ground crew standing in front of a Lancaster. Additionally each man is named.

Jim McCubbin DFC
A three quarter length portrait of Jim. He is named on the reverse.

Bill Parry
A mounted head and shoulders portrait of Bill.

DH 86 Express
A starboard side view of a DH86, G-ACYG

"Zola" - and the little yellow bombs
An article explaining who Zola is and why an aircraft was so-named.

Letter to Bill Parry from Great Western Railway
The letter gives Bill permission to leave his employer, Great Western Railway.

Bill Parry's Notes
A document written by Bill with brief details about his service life. Dated 24.11.90.
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