Long, Norman J


Long, Norman J
N J Long


12 items. The collection concerns Warrant Officer Norman J Long (1923 - 1994, 1581956 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, correspondence, documents, and photographs. He flew operations as a bomb aimer with 460 Squadron.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Kathryn Lawrence and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Long, NJ

Collection Items

Violet Williamson
A head and shoulders portrait of Violet. On the reverse is a note with 'Violet Williamson married NJ Long 5/8/44'.

Norman and Violet Long's Wedding Day
Norman and Violet leaving the church on their wedding day. On the reverse 'Kingsey Park Methodist Church Northampton 5/8/44 Violet Williamson'.

Norman Long
A head and shoulders portrait of Norman in a civilian jacket, shirt and tie.

Norman Long and crew
Seven airmen standing at the rear of a Halifax. On the reverse each man is identified.

Four Airmen
A group of four airmen sitting on the front of a car. On the reverse 'NJ Long Part of Crew J for Jig Aircraft 1944'.

Halifax Crew
Seven airmen at the front of their Halifax, watched by two ground crew from an engine trestle. The nose has a Cross of Lorraine, Free France emblem.

Seven Airmen including Norman Long
A group of seven airmen seated or leaning on the front of a car.
On the reverse each man is identified.

Norman Long
Norman standing by the starboard engine of a Wellington.

Norman Long
A head and shoulders portrait of Norman wearing a trainee's cap.
On the reverse 'Norman 1942 just joined RAFVR'.

Norman Long's Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520A issued to Norman. It contains a brief record of his service history.

Special Order of the Day by Air Chief Marshall Sir A.T. Harris
Message from Arthur Harris to all Bomber Command Personnel.

Norman Long's observer's and air gunner's flying log book
Norman Long's log book as bomb aimer from 26 September 1943 until 21 June 1945. Trained at 48 and 42 Air Schools, 3 AFU, 30 OTU, 1662 HCU, 1 LFS before operational posting to 460 Squadron (RAAF). Served at RAF Hixon, RAF Blyton, RAF Hemswell, RAF…
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