Halliday, Archie Henry


Halliday, Archie Henry


Four items. The collection concerns Archie Henry Halliday (b. 1925, Royal Air Force) and contains his log book and photographs. He flew operations as a flight engineer with 101 Squadron.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Susan Cameron and catalogued by Lynn Corrigan.




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Halliday, AH

Collection Items

Archie Henry Halliday's navigators, air bombers, air gunners and flight engineers flying log book
Navigators, air bombers, air gunners and flight engineers flying log book for Archie Henry Halliday from 30 August 1944 to 10 April 1945 detailing his training and operational duties. Training was with No.4 S of TT at RAF St. Athan and Heavy…

Group of airmen
Eight uniformed men standing in a row, three with peaked caps and five with peak caps. They are standing in front of a car with the partially covered registration plate, ending V866. Behind the group is a Nissen hut with five metal chimneys arranged…

Men in Mae Wests
Two uniformed men standing alongside a Lancaster with W its fuselage. Both men are wearing Mae Wests and with one in a peaked cap and leather jacket and one with a half cap and shirt and tie.

Personnel on a car bonnet
Seven uniformed men arranged on the bonnet of a car with an eighth man in uniform at the wheel. Three men are wearing peaked caps, four wear half caps and one is bareheaded. One of the men hold a pair of gloves in his hand. Half brevets and sergeant…
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