Kellett, Richard


Kellett, Richard
Kellett, R


31 items. The collection concerns Air Commodore Richard Kellett (Royal Air Force) and contains correspondence, photographs and prisoner of war diaries. In 1938 he flew a Wellesley from Egypt to Australia and later flew operations as a pilot and the commanding officer of 149 Squadron. He was captured near Tobruk in 1942 and was Senior British Officer at Stalag Luft 3 at the time of the Wooden Horse escape.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Rachel Kellett and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Kellett, R

Collection Items

Winston Churchill's arrival in Egypt
Churchill being received by officers as he leaves a Dakota.

Western Desert: 270 Wing Headquarters Staff Royal Air Force
16 airmen arranged in three rows. Underneath each man is named. Richard Kellett is front row, centre.

Blenheim Wing, Western Desert
A group of air and ground crew,. One man is marked in blue ink. On the reverse is handwritten '[indecipherable] Blenheim Wing in the Western Desert 1941' and is stamped RAF no objection 7 Dec 1941.

Two Airmen and a Route Map
A Wing Commander is pointing out the route from Iraq to Australia to Squadron Leader. The map is being held against a brick wall.

Three Airmen and a Wellesley
Three men in high altitude clothing standing in front of a Wellesley.

Three Airmen
Two airmen in discussion whilst a third is shaving and looking on.
On the reverse is an RAF no objections stamp and 7 Dec 1941.

Three Wellesleys in flight
Air-to-air photographs of three Wellesley aircraft.

Three Airmen and a bomb
Three airmen dressed in flying kit, positioned beside a 250 lb bomb standing vertically on its tailfins. The men are dressed in tropical kit and flying gear.
On the reverse is an RAF no objection stamp and 7 Dec 1941.

An airman
A head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing a helmet. On the reverse is an RAF no objection stamp and 7 Dec 1941.

Richard Kellett and pilot standing in front of a Wellesley
Richard and fellow pilot standing in front of a Wellesley.

Three Pilots at the front of a Wellesley
Three pilots standing in front of a Wellesley.

Three Pilots at the front of a Wellesley
Three pilots standing at the front of a Wellesley aircraft, with the Alsatian dog, Marquis.

12 Airmen including Richard Kellett and a Civillian
The 13 men are seated around a table and are in discussion. Richard is second from right.

Richard Kellett, five colleagues, a cat and a dog
Six airmen seated in a mess. Five men are pilots. Four of the men have signed their names and Marquis the Alsatian dog is named. Richard Kellett is on the right with a cat on his shoulder.

Richard Kellett and Colleague
Two airmen officers, Richard on the left.

Westland Wapiti IIA
A port side aerial view of a Wapiti IIA, registration J9410, the observer is standing in the cockpit and saluting the photographer.

Victoria III
A starboard side view of RAF Victoria III, registration J8228.

Fourteen Cricketers
A group of 14 men in whites, arranged in two rows, in front of a trophy.
On the reverse is handwritten 'Depot Hinaidi. Winner of Inter Unit Cricket Cup Hinaidi - Iraq 1934/35, Gildes, front row, Self Cajur Prowse ?'

Groups of Civilians
Two photographs taken at the same location.
#1 A group of 36 men and women arranged in four rows.
#2 A group of 18 men arranged in two rows.
On the reverse of each is handwritten 'Kellett'.

Richard Kellett
A photograph of Richard just after he was born. Annotated 'Born 24 October 1905 at East Stonehouse RN Hospital'.

Dorothy Frances Lydiard Kellett
A head and shoulders portrait of Richard's wife, in uniform. On the reverse 'Group Captain R Kellett 738 St Luft III'.

Letter to Richard Kellet from the King
The letter congratulates Richard and his team for the successful flight to Australia.

Richard Kellett
Four photographs of Richard Kellett
#1, 2 and 3 Richard is seated behind his desk. It is annotated 'Mildenhall CO 149 Sqdn Wellington 1939/40'.
#4 is Richard beside a chart with an airman.

Our Speed Team
A newspaper cutting with an article about the Long Range Development Unit of the RAF. There is also a separate image of a Wellesley and the team of airmen and ground crew involved.

Sidecar, Aircrew Relaxing, Pre-War Outing and Sports Car
Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a motorbike and sidecar on a beach.
#2 is six airmen on seats in a desert with tents behind. They have various signs with 'Committee', 'No Change' and 'No Admittance'.
#3 is five well dressed men and a woman.…
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