Highton, George


Highton, George


Nine items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer George Highton (b. 1923, 160645 Royal Air Force) and contains his log books, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 192 Squadron.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by David Highton and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Highton, G

Collection Items

192 Squadron Reunion
A group of 30 or so men and women at a reunion. On the reverse 'Re-union Probably 1954 Jimmy Marsden Boffin 192 Sqdn Front 2nd Left' and on a post-it 'GH back row standing RIGHT'. Stamped 'Cecil Walden Ltd'.

Five Airmen
Five airmen standing in grass outside a hut.
Kneeling bottom right is Freddie Webber (Navigator).
On the reverse 'Arthur W/O Junior Pilot Roy Gunner
F Ruddin Navigator ? Merv Clark Bomb Aimer/Front Gunner'.

Large Group of Airmen
The group is arranged in four rows. They appear to all be pilots. On the reverse ' GH 3 rows back. RIGHT'.

George Highton and four crew
Five airmen with George in the centre, front. On the reverse '192 Sq GH Centre. Roy Shirley flt/sgt'.

192 Squadron Reunion 1953
A large group of men celebrating their reunion. On the reverse are three annotations -
#1 '192 Squadron - annual re-union -1953, "Park Tavern" Des Rice -Putney 3012'.
#2 'I'm not here'
#3 'To "Junior" - remembering the good [underlined] times.…

George Highton
Four head and shoulders portraits of George.
#1 and 2 - Two identical head and shoulders portraits of George. The first is in a cardboard mount. On the reverse of the second is a rubber stamped 'Dixon Studios Edgware'.
In the third photograph…

Ground/Air Emergency Code for Use in Air/Land Rescue Search
Air Ministry Pamphlet 196 with distress signals to be used in emergency on the ground. A handwritten annotation states 'F/L Highton'.

George Highton Log Book. Two
George Highton's pilot's flying log book covering the period from 19 May 1944 to 31 July 1946. As an instructor and Bomber Command communications flight pilot, he was stationed at RAF Kinloss and RAF Halton. Aircraft flown in were Anson, Whitley,…

George Highton's Royal Canadian pilot's flying log book. One
G Highton’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 08 May 1942 to 08 April 1944. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as a pilot. He was stationed at RCAF Penhold (36 SFTS), RAF Kingstown (15 EFTS), RAF Church Lawford (18…
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