Ross, Bernard


Ross, Bernard


37 items. This collection concerns Warrant Officer Bernard Ross (1610215, Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, photographs and service record. Ross flew as an air gunner in Royal Air Force Transport Command, towing gliders, dropping supplies to resistance groups and carrying paratroops. He also took part in some bombing operations to Germany.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Paul Ross and Amanda Burnham, and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Ross, B

Collection Items

Bernard Ross and dog
Head and shoulders portrait of Bernard Ross in uniform with an air gunner brevet and medal ribbons. He is holding a dog. It is annotated: 'Lots of Love, Bert and Whiskey'

Commemorative embroidery
A piece of red cloth embroidered with 'Arnhem 1944' in red/white and blue thread.

Pilot's wings cloth brevet.

Audrey Maud Saunders' service and release book
Service release book for Audrey Maud Saunders (ACW1, 2149007). Contains details and instructions for release from RAF service. Saunders was a teleprinter operator in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

Bernard Ross' service and release book
Service release book for Bernard Ross (WO, 1610215). Contains details and instructions for release from RAF service. Ross was an air gunner in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Market Garden
Leading caps for Market Garden Veterans Association.

Bernard Ross' observers and air gunners flying log book
Bernard Ross’ Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 05 of April 1943 to 22 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as Air Gunner. He was stationed at RAF Penrhos (9 OAFU), RAF Seighford (30 OTU), RAF…

Airman and car
A warrant officer in uniform with brevet, standing next to a car, MG SA, with registration VV7181. The car is in a field with trees in the background. On the reverse 'Mal Gold Bookie, BRO 1761'.

Three sergeants
Bernard Ross seated on a sofa, between two other sergeants. All are in uniform. The one on the right has an air gunner brevet. The one on the left is holding a cigarette. On the reverse is the photographer's stamp and the number '16'.

Four airmen and tent
Four airmen, wearing khaki, standing in the entrance to a tent. Bernard Ross is shirtless and leaning on a bomb tail unit, two others are leaning against the tent pole and the third is holding a guy rope. The middle one of the three has a navigator…

Sports team
138 men seated and standing in rows. 124 of them are standing in six rows, most of them on benches and are either bare-chested or wearing sports tops. Seated in the front row are nine men wearing track suits and four men wearing uniforms. One man is…

Cricket team
Team photograph of twelve men wearing cricket whites sitting and standing in two rows in front of a pavilion. Two men have striped blazers. Bernard Ross is seated front row, far right.

Bernard Ross
A head and shoulders portrait of Sergeant Bernard Ross, air gunner, in uniform. On the reverse: '[.]eggy'.

Bernard Ross
Full length image of Sergeant Bernard Ross in battledress, with an air gunner brevet and airborne wings above the left pocket. He is standing in a field with a hedge and trees behind him.

Mountain view
An oblique aerial view of some mountains, with a scattering of snow, taken from an aircraft. The two starboard engines of the aircraft are at the right edge of the photograph. An area of water is visible below the inboard propeller. On the reverse:…

Five airmen at beach
Five airmen wearing khaki shorts and shirts, two holding pith helmets, sitting and leaning on a balustrade wall by a beach. Bernard Ross is second from the left. Another shirtless man sits further along on the right. Sign on the wall states 'Officers…

Four airmen in a tent
Four airmen at the entrance to a tent. Three are wearing khaki shorts and shirts and one, Bernard Ross, is wearing a singlet. Two of the men are squatting, one is seated and wears a navigator brevet and the fourth man is standing. A bomb tail unit is…

Pilot and car
Full length image of a pilot in uniform, standing by a car MG SA, registration VV7181. In the background there are trees. On the reverse of one copy is written: 'DID 1448'

Airman and car
A warrant officer wearing tunic with half brevet standing by a car, MG SA, registration 'VV7181'. In the background trees.

Group of airmen and women
An informal group of five airmen and five members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, in a mess. All are in uniform and are seated or standing around a small table, on which there are drinks and empty glasses. One of the women is wearing a tunic with…

64 airmen at Bridlington Grand Pavilion Theatre
A formal photograph of 61 trainees, two non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and two officers arranged in nine rows at Bridlington Grand Pavilion Theatre. The trainees are standing while the NCOs and officers are seated at the front. Bernard Ross is…

Two aircrew
Head and shoulders portrait of Bernard Ross and a pilot. Both are in uniform without headdress.

Six airmen by tent
Six airmen in battledress, three standing and three lying in the entrance to a bell tent. There are Nissen huts behind.

Six aircrew
Six airmen in battledress, with brevets. Three are sitting in the ground and three behind them, sitting on a bench. Bernard Ross is seated on the left. The airman front centre is a pilot. The one at the rear left is holding a book. In the background…

Six aircrew
Six aircrew in Sidcot flying suits, two wearing flying helmets. Bernard Ross is second from the left. Behind them is a large building. On the reverse 'All air gunners'.
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