Riding, Ronald Holford. Album Two


Riding, Ronald Holford. Album Two


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Riding, RH

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Ron Riding and Mme Eliane Guerin, the woman who helped him escape in France
Ron Riding and Mme Eliane Guerin standing at the graves of airmen in France

Young Girl and Crashed Aircraft Engine
A young girl standing in front of a crashed aircraft engine.
The photograph is repeated in another album with the following handwritten on the reverse 'Therese del Sole devant le moteur d'avion env? 1945 a Notre Dame de Bliquetuit'.

Ron Riding
A half length portrait of Ron in a greatcoat.

Ron Riding
Two head photographs taken for escape identity papers.

Ron Riding
Two identical images of Ron, in uniform, standing beside a wooden shingled building.

Ron Riding
A half length portrait of Ron in a flying suit and goggles.

Shot Down, He took part in French Resistance raids on Germans
A newspaper article about Ron after he was shot down over France. A second cutting has a brief note about Ron returning home after being missing in France.
[The details in the article are incorrect. His aircraft was a Wellington, it was shot down on…

Ron Riding - At the Controls
Ron sitting on the pilot's seat and turned to smile at the camera.

Ron Riding - Ready to Fly
A colourised photograph of Ron in flying kit and standing in front of an Anson. On the reverse 'Dearest People. Here I am ready to do a spot of flying. Cheerio you dears, Soon I'll be back. your loving son. Ron'.

Ron Riding
Ron receiving his wings from an officer in front of a group of airmen.

Gwyn Riding
A head and shoulders portrait of Ronald Riding's wife, Gwyneth Irene Riding née Tomlin (1919- 1996)

Ron Riding
A head and shoulders portrait of Ron in uniform with an Observer brevet.
On the reverse is handwritten 'To my Dearest People with all my love your ever loving son, Ron'.
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