Standivan, Arthur George. Album one


Standivan, Arthur George. Album one


11 items. An album of Arthur Standivan's service in the UK and in France.




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Standivan, AG

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Arthur Standivan
Two small head and shoulders proof photographs of Arthur.

Street party
Long table with table cloth, flower table decorations, bunting, plates of party food, young children seated at the table, mothers standing behind, houses in background.

Swimming pool at Celle
Two photographs showing activities arround the swimming pool at Celle. Arthur's Mobile Servicing Squadron was based there, base B 118 from June 1945.

Arthur Standivan
Informal photograph of Arthur reclining on a grass bank, pipe in hand. Low wall and trees in immediate background, stepped walls and terracing in background.

Arthur in Blackpool and France
Top: Arthur's basic training flight, posed in two ranks outside their civilian billets in Blackpool.
Bottom: Arthur with some of his fellow tradesmen in the Mobile Servicing Squadron somewhere in France, posed in three ranks on the steps to one of…

George VI with Montgomery
Top: a group of tradesmen sitting on the steps of one of their mobile offices/workshops.
Bottom: King George VI with a group of senior officers including General Montgomery.

German cemetery
Top left: two rows of white crosses set in long grass.
Top right: an individual standing inside a building.
Bottom: a group of three white single story buildings in the distance, low walls either side of the road /track leading to the buildings.…

No2 Mobile Servicing Squadron in the field
Four photographs of Arthur's squadron in Europe.

Top left: Arthur in working gear and wellingtons standing in front of some trees.
Top right: group of tradesmen including Arthur standing in a group in front of some trees.
Bottom left: large…

A small reproduction of a colour print of a Hurricane carrying bombs, it is in flight above clouds.
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