Standivan, Arthur George


Standivan, Arthur George
A G Standivan


58 items. The collection concerns Leading Aircraftsman Arthur George Standivan (1717552 Royal Air Force) and contains documents and photographs. He served as ground personnel with Second Tactical Air Force The collection includes two photograph albums, one of his Service life in the UK and France, the other concerns the liberation of Belsen. The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Brenda Titchen and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Standivan, AG

Collection Items

No 2 Squadron, 2nd Tactical Air Force, 29 July 1944 - 3 January 1945
This is a diary covering No 2 Squadron, Aircraft Mobile Servicing part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force, recording their journey from the time they landed in France until they arrived in Holland in early 1945.

Arthur's Armament Mechanics course notes
Notes were written and drawn by Arthur during his Armament Mechanics course at RAF Hereford.

2nd Tactical Air Force victory in Europe card
Card with drawing showing the allied flags defeating Germany, a scroll at the bottom with an inscription celebrating the victory.
On the reverse a short summary of the 2nd TAF history, and a message from the AOC in C 2nd TAF Air Marshall Coningham.

2nd Tactical Air Force Christmas card
Christmas card produced by 2nd TAF Welfare. Front of the card is coloured pale blue, has the R.AF crest, and in white writing it has 2nd Tactical Air Force, Royal Air Force, Christmas 1944 and a sprig of holly.
Inside is a colour drawing showing the…

Arthur Standivan
Two small head and shoulders proof photographs of Arthur.

Street party
Long table with table cloth, flower table decorations, bunting, plates of party food, young children seated at the table, mothers standing behind, houses in background.

Swimming pool at Celle
Two photographs showing activities arround the swimming pool at Celle. Arthur's Mobile Servicing Squadron was based there, base B 118 from June 1945.

Arthur Standivan
Informal photograph of Arthur reclining on a grass bank, pipe in hand. Low wall and trees in immediate background, stepped walls and terracing in background.

Arthur in Blackpool and France
Top: Arthur's basic training flight, posed in two ranks outside their civilian billets in Blackpool.
Bottom: Arthur with some of his fellow tradesmen in the Mobile Servicing Squadron somewhere in France, posed in three ranks on the steps to one of…

George VI with Montgomery
Top: a group of tradesmen sitting on the steps of one of their mobile offices/workshops.
Bottom: King George VI with a group of senior officers including General Montgomery.

German cemetery
Top left: two rows of white crosses set in long grass.
Top right: an individual standing inside a building.
Bottom: a group of three white single story buildings in the distance, low walls either side of the road /track leading to the buildings.…

No2 Mobile Servicing Squadron in the field
Four photographs of Arthur's squadron in Europe.
Top Left is of Arthur in working gear and wellingtons standing in front of some trees.
Top right: a group of tradesmen including Arthur standing in a group in front of some trees.
Bottom left: is…

A small reproduction of a colour print of a Hurricane carrying bombs, it is in flight above clouds.

No 2 Squadron mobile servicing squadron
Two photographs,first one, formal pose in four rows in front of an aircraft, captioned Odiham 1944. Second again formal pose in five rows, many more tradesmen, posed in front of a Spitfire captioned 'Holland 1945'. A handwritten note indicates that…

Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
Aerial photograph showing a camp in open country side. Captioned 3110 T4/35 19 Jun 45. F20" // McCulloch.

Identification kindly provided by Kim Roller of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

George VI at Antwerp
King George VI talking to senior officers, servicemen formed up on parade in background. Captioned 'The King at Antwerp'.

Locations and dates of the bases occupied by No 2 Squadron, 35 Wing - 84 Group - 2nd TAF
A table showing the unit that Arthur Standivan served with, one of the Mobile Servicing teams, from when they landed in Normandy, until the end of the war in Europe.

Gilze - Rijen, Holland 1944
Three photographs, the first shows five servicemen in working dress posed in a field, captioned 'Jeff, Taf, Dan, Ray and me, taken at Gilze (Holland)'.
The second shows a well camouflaged vehicle, captioned Armoury Wagon'. Third shows four…

Enschede 1945
Two pages, the first has four photographs the first showing two graves captioned 'Enschede'.
The second showing an industrial steam engine, captioned '?'. 'Berlin, Burma, Blighty' and 'V4' are painted on the side.
The third has an Air Force lorry…

Page captioned, 'Enschede Xmas Party, Xmas party given to the Dutch children, by 35 wing.' Four photographs, two showing two views of a large building with windmill, of the other two one is showing the inside of a large building decorated with three…

Damaged German aircraft at Celle, 1945
Four photographs, showing a variety of German aircraft damaged to varying degrees. Page captioned, 'Celle (Germany) B 118.'

Top left Arado 96
Top right Junkers Ju-188A-2 WNr 160078
Bottom left Nearest camera - Bucker 131 with Siebel 204…

Celle 1945
Four photographs, first showing collection of large items including a car and an oil drum, captioned 'Salvage dump (Cleaning up B 118). Second and fourth show damaged bridges, captioned 'Bridges blown up by enemy.' Third shows a damaged railway…

Four photographs, one of a serviceman leaning against a large aircraft part with swastika, captioned 'Pop'.
Second is of a structure built within trees, captioned 'German observation post'.
Third is of a flat wooden platform overlooking trees,…

Celle swimming pool
Three photographs showing servicemen enjoying the large exterior swimming pool at Celle. Caption 'Celle B 118 Swimming Pool'.

Damaged Ju 87 Stuka
Aircraft is missing left undercarriage and is propped up on pieces of wood. Serviceman in the cockpit.
Captioned 'Dive - Bomber added later One of a few'.
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