Cole, Ivor. Photographs


Cole, Ivor. Photographs


101 items. A photograph album of Ivor Cole's post war service in Singapore.




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Dockside View
A view looking down at the dockside. There are several small jetties and a small floating crane.

Three Funneled Liner
A large three funneled ship. The image is very blurred.

ATC No 1279 Squad. Melton Mowbray April 1942
A large group of air cadets arranged in five rows. On the reverse is a photographer's stamp 'Heawood & Son'.

Ivor Cole and the Static Water Pool
Ivor sitting on the edge of the pool. On the reverse 'Self sitting on the edge of static water pool RAF Kandy Ceylon May 1946'.

The Sphinx, Giza
A view of the Sphinx with two of the pyramids behind.

Thatched Huts
Five thatched huts.

Kandy Market
A view of the market. Two men are standing in the foreground. In the background are many people buying and selling local produce. On the reverse 'Kandy Market Ceylon May 1946'.

British Military Cemetery Singapore
A view of rows of graves. On the reverse 'British Military Cemetary [sic] Singapore Oct 1946'.

Ivor Cole and Three Colleagues
The four airmen are standing outside a tent with a sign saying 'Air Movements'. On their left is a larger sign with 'Baggage Instructions' and much instructions. On the reverse 'The boys again. Reg - Ted - Self - Vic No 60 PTC Tengah Singapore…

Ivor Cole and Bride
Ivor and his bride walking out of church. On the reverse 'Mrs EM Cole, 1 Clumber St, Nottm Rd, Melton Mowbray 2nd turn on L of Main Rd', '5752' and a photographers stamp 'Starbuck Studios'. Also 'Name Mrs Cole Address Miss Durraint 3 PC 19.3.46'.

Ivor Cole
A head and shoulders portrait of Ivor with his signaller's brevet. On the reverse 'Mr Cole 81, Norman St, Melton, 3pcs Tues'. Other marks are indecipherable.

Alec and Dog
Alec is squatting and holding the dog up on two legs. On the reverse '1/2/46 Alec at Merv Camp Cairo Egypt'.

Ivor Cole
Three quarter length portrait of Ivor in the uniform of a trainee. He is standing in front of a house.

Officers' Mess, Kandy
A large building with one airmen walking in the front. On the reverse 'No 2 Officers' Mess RAF Kandy with "Paddy" walking along the steps Ceylon May 1946'.

Ivor Cole
A three quarter length portrait of Ivor sitting, in full uniform, holding his gloves. He is a signaller/wireless operator. The reverse has a photographer's stamp 'EW Pearson Melton Mowbray'.
A second photograph is a half length portrait of the same…

Three Men in two Canoes
Three men in two canoes. Behind is a yacht. The reverse is blank.

Thian Hock Keng Temple
An ornate Chinese temple in Singapore. In front are rickshaws.

HMS Atheling Flight Deck
The wooden flight deck of an aircraft carrier. On the reverse 'HMS Atheling Ceylon to Singapore July 1946 "The Flight Deck" '.

The Boys at the Bar
A blurred image of three airmen sitting at a bar. On the reverse 'The Boys at the Bar RAF Tengah Singapore October 1946'.

RAF C-47 Dakota
A port side view of an RAF Dakota, KN384.

Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwedagon Pagoda set amongst trees.

Identification kindly provided by the members of the ‘In viaggio tra le culture del mondo’ Facebook group.

Shwedagon Pagoda
Three statues at Shwedagon Pagoda. There is a second copy which has been slightly cropped.

Identification kindly provided by the members of the ‘In viaggio tra le culture del mondo’ Facebook group.

Two Tachikawa Ki-54 aircraft
Port side view of two twin engine transport aircraft with green crosses painted on their side. Behind is a large hangar.

Mawataganger River, Kandy
A view across the river with trees on both banks. On the reverse 'The Mawataganger River Kandy Ceylon May 1946'.

Sports Day, Singapore
A view over the field being used for the sports day. In the foreground is a table and chairs, then the sporting activities and in the distance hangars. On the reverse 'Malaya Sports. A view of the track Singapore Oct 1946'.
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