Mercier, Gordon


Mercier, Gordon
Cyril Gordon Mercier
C G Mercier


An oral history interview with Gordon Mercier (1924 -2024). He flew operations as a mid-upper gunner with 171 Squadron.
The collection was catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Mercier, CG

Collection Items

A painting of the port side of a Halifax on the ground.

Sergeant Gordon Mercier
A half length portrait of Gordon with his air gunner's brevet. On the reverse '44509 Ro 3 Pc's'

No 121 Course Air Gunners Squad 6
14 trainee airmen arranged in two rows outside a wooden hut. There are two copies. On the reverse of the first the men have signed their names.

AOC's Commendation on Completion of Operational Tour
A commendation awarded to Gordon.

Gordon Mercier's Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520A issued to Gordon with brief details of his service.

Gordon Mercier's navigators, air bombers and air gunners flying log book
Navigators, air bombers and air gunners flying log book for Gordon Mercier, air gunner, covering the period from 17 October 1943 to 11 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Stormey Down, RAF Abingdon,…

Gordon Mercier's Identity Card
An identity card issued to Gordon

Interview with Gordon Mercier
Cyril Mercier was born in Jersey in 1925. He joined the Home Guard in 1940 and the RAF in 1943. After initial training, and training on gunnery at Bridgnorth he joined 14 Operational training Unit at Abingdon, where he crewed up. He trained on…
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