Johnston, Ruth. Album


Johnston, Ruth. Album


Album containing 32 cartoons of life in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.




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Johnston, R

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Lockheed Hudson
A port side air-to-air view of a Hudson.

Heinkel He111K Mk Va
A starboard side view of a He 111, on the ground.

We Meet the "PA"
A cartoon of three WAAFs meeting an officer who is saying 'Ehctually I'm a Proffessional ARTIST'[sic]

Gas Reconnaissance
A cartoon of two women in protective clothing, one carrying a sign saying 'Danger Area'.

Fencing Class
A cartoon of two women dripping in sweat and wobbly at the knees captioned 'How we feel after 30 minutes of it'.

Fencing Class
A cartoon of two women fencing, captioned 'We die a thousand deaths'.

We are Innoculated
A cartoon of two WAAFs with throbbing arms after being inoculated by a medical officer.

Panic - in Dinghy Section
A cartoon depicting an emergency where a corporal gets the WAAFs to rush to an aircraft to install a single crew.

Dinghy Section
A cartoon of two WAAFs confused by dinghy drawings, captioned 'We carry out a modification with the "help"? of Sundry Mysterious Plans'.

Life in Dinghy Section
A cartoon of two WAAFs. Captioned 'Audrey absent mindedly switches on the electric drill'.

We have to make all Travelling Bags with the AM Stamp
A cartoon of four WAAFs collecting travelling bags whilst an airman is shouting for his parachute bag.

The Music Club
A cartoon of the audiences listening to Beethoven's 7th Symphony and Madame Butterfly.

The Music Club
A cartoon of men and women dancing, annotated ' "Van Pan" indulges in a spot of elevation assisted by Don & ably supported by the Corps de Ballet'.
There are six signatures on the page.

Fun and Games with the ATC
A cartoon of various mishaps with parachutes, life rafts, flares and lifejackets.

Hank "Gives Up"
A cartoon of an aircraft diving vertically to the ground. Hank is relaxed but in the back Peter is saying 'Aw 'ell'.

No 6 Course OTU Winter 1942
A cartoon of seven airmen with shovels over their shoulders being led by an eighth with a large moustache. They are singing 'Hi-ho hi-ho Its off to work we go'. Four of the men have signed their names.

The Man who didn't want a Parachute Bag
A cartoon of an airman with a halo and four WAAFs fainting because he did not want a parachute bag.

Mrs Hughes Tells her Son that there is Beer in the Pantry
A cartoon of Hughes crashing through 15 doors to reach two bottles of beer.

Our Temporary but Terrific Boss
A cartoon of an airman inside a barrel, seen from the back.

Smoking is Strictly Prohibited
A cartoon of four airmen smoking pipes and cigarettes beside a sign prohibiting smoking.

Just Look at my Grate
A disgruntled WAAF with a bucket, brushes and pokers. She comments 'Just look at my grate'.

Route March
A cartoon of the WAAFs on a route march. First they are all worn out, then they have beer and drinks and finally they are marching very properly.

Taking Chutes to the Flights
A cartoon of the parachute packers delivering parachutes to air crews only to find they have already taken off. Annotated 'After much flapping and nattering we arrive at the flights to find that the air crews have just taken off'.

A cartoon of a corporal with his eyes closed and his arms outstretched like a bird. He is 'flying' amongst clouds.
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