Denton, Dennis Hugh. Album


Denton, Dennis Hugh. Album


20 items. The album concerns Dennis Hugh Denton (b. 1920, 1256316 Royal Air Force) and contains photographs of his service in France and Belgium in 1945.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Angela Sadler and Pamela Hickson and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Denton, DH

Collection Items

Margaret and Dennis Denton's wedding photograph
Photograph of wedding group, page captioned 'October 4th Ramsey Hants 1944.'

Chateau Everard and Corbehem January 1945
16 small photographs showing the snowy chateau grounds and Corbenem village. Captioned 'Grounds of Chateau Everard January 1945 and 'Chateau Everard , Corbenem January 1945'.

Vitry March 1945
Five pictures of 226 Squadron aircrew around the chateau and airfield. Page captioned 'March 1945'

Corbenem January 1945
Seven small photographs showing members of 226 Squadron aircrew in various parts of the village. Page captioned 'Corbenem January 1945'.

Brussels March 1945
Eight small photographs of Brussels, captioned 'Brussels March 1945'.

Brussels March 1945
Five small photographs of Brussels, page captioned 'Brussels March 1945'.

Brussels March 1945
Five small photographs of Brussels, page captioned' Brussels March 1945'.

Brussels March 1945
Five small photographs of Brussels, page captioned 'Brussels March 1945'.

Corbenem, Chateau Everard
Five small photographs, first snowy scene captioned 'Chateau grounds, January 1945.
Second is of individual standing in the snow, captioned 'Gary Phillipson, January 1945.
Third is of a wooded scene, captioned Gary Phillipson, Dicky Cape, March…

Corbehem & Vitry
Five small photographs, first of individual on a landing stage , captioned 'Wilf'. Second is Dennis sitting at a table outside a cafe,captioned 'Myself'.
Third is two individuals, taken from behind, walking on a path next to a road, trees, fields…

B-25 formations
Five photographs of B-25 formations from the ground, page caption 'Vitry 1945 March Airborne'.

B-25s at Vitry
Five small photographs, four of B-25s dispersed on the airfield, fifth of airfield buildings. Page captioned 'Vitry March 1945'.

Chateau Everard
Three photographs, first captioned 'The Moat', second and third captioned 'Rear of Chateau'. Page captioned 'November 1944'

Six small photographs of B-25s in flight, some of single aircraft others of a formation of two or three. Pages captioned 'November 1944'.

Dennis Denton's crew and aircraft
Two photographs, the first with the crew standing in front of the RH side of the aircraft nose with other B-25s in the background, crew named, 'W/O Legge (Lofty), F/O Phillipson (Gary), W/C Kerr, F/O Clutton (Wilf), Myself, November 1944'.

Chateau Everard
Three photographs captioned' Chateau Everard - November 1944'.

Four small photographs, first of two individuals with airfield and B-25 in background, captioned 'Murray Donnely - F/O Double.
Second individual standing by end of a shed, airfield and B-25 in background, captioned 'Gary'.
Third is of four…

Three small photographs, first, two individuals standing by end of a shed, airfield with B 25 in background, captioned 'Alfy Lan - Bobby Parsons. Second an individual standing with B-25 in background, captioned 'Murray'.. Third large buildings,…

Six small photographs, first individual standing by end wall of a shed, captioned 'Dinty Moore'.
Second of two individuals on airfield with B-25s as background, captioned 'Wilf - Bert.
Third is of snowy street of substantial houses, captioned…

Photograph of individual, standing on a wall, arms outstretched, tree in background. Captioned 'Tailpiece'.
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