Gorfunkle, Norman


Gorfunkle, Norman
N Gorfunckle
N Gorfunkle


14 items. The collection concerns Sergeant Norman Gorfunkle (1920 - 1942, 1260360 Royal Air Force) and contains photographs and documents. He flew operations as an observer with 76 Squadron and was killed 7/8 November 1942.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Lester, Russell Gellman and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

Additional information on Norman Gorfunkleis available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Gorfunckle, N

Collection Items

Norman Gorfunkle's Service Record
RAF Form 543 with brief details of Norman's service in the RAF.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Telegram to Norman Gorfunkle's Mother from 76 Squadron
The telegram advises that her son is missing.

Letter to Norman Gorfunkle's Mother from 76 Squadron
She is advised that it is unlikely her son has not been killed.

Letter to Norman Gorfunkle's Mother from 76 Squadron
The letter advises Norman's mother that her son has been reported killed in action.

Telegram to Norman Gorfunkle's Mother from Air Ministry
The telegram advises that Norman is now reported dead.

Norman Gorfunkle
A head and shoulders portrait of Norman wearing his Observer brevet.

Letter to HW Owen from George Thom
A letter referring to the night of the crash and George's subsequent escape via Switzerland. He was caught while trying to get to Spain and sent to Paris. After the war he worked for the post office in Calgary.

Norman Gorfunkle's Grave
Four photographs of Norman's grave.
#1 and #3 are his plot marked with a star of David.
#2 is a woman standing behind his star of David grave stone.
#4 is his plot with a pot of flowers and a flag over his grave stone.
#5 is a his grave stone…

Norman Gorfunkle and his Aunt
Norman and his aunt standing outside her house. He is wearing his trainee's cap. On the reverse 'Reading (out for the day to see Auntie) 1941'.

Norman Gorfunkle
Norman in khaki uniform wearing a parachute. Behind are bell tents. On the reverse is 'Gm camp'.
A second copy has his name annotated underneath.

Norman Gorfunkle
Norman is working at a table. He is wearing a khaki uniform. Clothes and a picture are hanging on the wall behind him.

Norman Gorfunkle
A head and shoulders portrait of Norman with a trainee flash in his cap.

1st Allied Airplane Crashed in Haute-Marne, Bomber Halifax Mk II DT515
An account of the crash written by the pilot, George Thom. The report includes part of a police report.

Letter to Montague Maizels from Charles Hourriez
The letter is a copy of the original and contains detail about the death of his cousin, Norman Gorfunkle. He attended the crash site but after the Germans had removed the crew survivors. His cousin had died in the crash. He was buried with…
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