Pappin, John


Pappin, John
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Eight items. The collection concerns Sergeant Robert Hanslip (Royal Air Force) and contains correspondence and photographs.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by John Pappin and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Pappin, J

Collection Items

Letter to Pat Thirkell from Robert Hanslip
The letter is written from a Prisoner of War camp, Stalag Luft 1, in 1941. He says he is recovering from his burns and is feeling better. He looks forward to getting home and sends his best wishes. Several fellow prisoners of war are mentioned by…

Mosquitoes under Service
Three Mosquitoes being serviced in a hangar. Nearest aircraft is DZ744, code "G" a Mk II belonging to 333 (Norwegian) Squadron.

Gelsenkirchen Oil Plant
An aerial reconnaissance photograph of the oil plant at Gelsenkirchen. On the reverse is a typed note with brief details about the operation. It was intended for publication in newspapers. Bomb craters are visible throughout the photograph with much…

Donges Oil Refinery, France
Two reconnaissance photographs of the Donges oil refinery, near Nantes in France before and after the bombing operations.
The photographs were released for publication in newspapers.
The second photograph shows extensive damage with many buildings,…

Heavy Damage After Big Allied Air Attack on Naples
A reconnaissance photograph showing bomb damage to an industrial area of Naples centred on railway marshalling yard. Extensive bomb craters and damage to the railway yards and surrounding buildings is visible throughout. Ten numbers are marked on the…

The Boys Behind the Bombers
Five ground crew warming themselves by a fire. Behind is a Halifax and further behind is a control caravan attached to a tractor. On the reverse is a typed note with an explanation. The image is intended for publication in newspapers. Second from…

Berlin Short Wave Station Charlottenburg
Reconnaissance photograph of the short wave radio station at Charlottenburg, Berlin. Small amount of bomb damage is visible, with a few roofless buildings, The radio mast (Funkturm) can be seen by its shadow from its base at the right towards the…

Berlin Short Wave Station
A vertical aerial photograph of bombed buildings. These are two exhibition buildings of the Charlottenburg Fairgrounds adjacent to the Berlin Short Wave Radio transmitter. On the reverse is a typed note dated 18 April 1944 explaining the function of…
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