Pick, Erick


Pick, Erick
Frederick Pick
F Pick


21 items. The collection concerns Frederick Pick (1685075 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, documents and photographs. He flew operations as a wireless operator with 57 and 227 Squadrons.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Gillian M Christian and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Pick, F

Collection Items

Leaflet in Russian
The leaflet has a prominent Union flag and in Russian 'I am English' and 'Please communicate my particulars to the British Military Mission in Moscow'. It also has instructions for use.

German night fighter pilots report
Records his sortie against the bomber force attacking Heilbron on the night of 4/5 December 1944. Eric Pick flew on that operation. The graphic account of the raid describes his succesful attack on a Lancaster, his failed attacks on others and in…

V Group News No 27, Oct 1944
Part of the Signals section of the 5 Group Newsletter. Much of it is highly technical, but it also takes time to welcome and say goodbye to the signal leaders from the squadrons in 5 Group.

RAF parade Reykavik
Seven photographs all show the same event, a parade for VIPs on an airfield.
The first shows a party of servicemen with rifles escorting an event taking place in front of a tall flag pole. The event concerning some civilian VIPs, one in a top hat.…

Converted  B-24
Two photographs of a B 24 Liberator converted for passenger use, it is parked on a large dispersal being serviced by ground crew.

Two airmen with group of children
An aircrew sergeant wearing a fur hat, and an leading aircraftman standing beside a fence with buildings in the background with five small children, outside with snow on the ground.

Flight sergeant
Posed in a cane chair, fabric wall covering.

Group of three sitting on a ladder
Posed, a sergeant, leading aircraftman and corporal sitting on a ladder, on the inside of a building, leading to the next floor.

Military policeman
Informal, sitting on the grass, leaning against a wooden wall or fence, corporal stripes and police arm band.

Group of seven
Informal, some in uniform some not, most with beer glasses, some sitting on settee some on the floor, pinups on the wall. One man has a bandaged hand. Two photographs, same group first with serious facial expressions, second with cheerful faces.

Three trainee wireless operators
Head and shoulders, all with aircrew trainee flash and telegraphist sleeve badge, all three have inscriptions to Eric and one is dated Oct '43.

Formal pose, upper torso, wearing flying jacket with fur collar. Inscibed 'Best of luck and initials'.

Group from Reykjavik
Six individuals most of them with beer tankards, in a group in the open air, on the reverse, caption 'Photo taken between 2 - 3 am, Icelandic summer outside the Sgts Mess, RAF Reykavik, "Happy Days"'.

Three groups from Reykjavik
All groups consist of both aircrew and ground staff in a variety of working dress including sheepskin jerkins and duffel coat in front of of a Nissen hut with a sign Royal Air Force Embarkation Office.
First is of five individuals posed in two…

Group of aircrew
Eight individuals standing outside a Nissen hut.

Eric Pick and crew
Seven aircrew pose in front of Lancaster squadron letter W, serial SW247, signatures on the reverse.

Formal course photograph
43 airmen in greatcoats formally posed in four rows, in a street with shops behind them. A large sign above their heads reads Edge Green and has cigarette advertisements in the window. Most of the airmen have the aircrew training flash in their hats.

Large group of servicemen
Informal pose, all with mess tins, standing in front of building.

Wireless operator / air gunners course photograph
Twelve aircrew posed in two rows, names applied during processing, captioned '79 Course W.OP./AG's'. Signatures on the reverse.

Aircrew course photograph
Formal course photograph, posed in five rows in front of the wall of a building. There are 57 students and five aircrew staff. Erik Pick is seated on the front row, third from the right.

Eric Pick's Royal Air Force navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book
Frederick Pick’s Wireless Operator’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 05 September 1943 to 07 April 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as wireless operator. He was stationed at RAF Yatesbury (2 Radio School), RAF…
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