Ward, Charles and Margaret


Ward, Charles and Margaret
C W Ward
M Ward
Margaret Pratt
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Eight items. The collection consists of an oral history interview with cipher operator, Sergeant Charles William Ward (7015946, British Army) and wireless operator, Margaret Ward née Pratt (17546, First Aid Nursing Yeomanry). Both served in the Special Operation Executive in North Africa, Italy and Greece. The collection also contains a diary, British Army paperwork, and four photographs.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Charles and Margaret Ward and was catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Ward, C-M

Collection Items

Interview with Charles and Margaret Ward
In 1940 when Charles was twenty he received papers to join the Royal Artillery and went into the Royal London Rifles. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force and was accepted but instead of joining the RAF he was ordered up to Scotland to join a…

Charles Ward
Head and shoulders portrait of Lance Corporal Charles Ward in battledress. In the background blurred trees and a building. On the reverse '1st year in the Army'.

Charles and Margaret Ward in Rome
Charles Ward in battledress walking alongside Margaret Pratt in First Aid Nursing Yeomanry uniform with beret. In the background on the left are buildings, one with metal shutter. On the reverse 'On leave in Rome, 1944'.

Additional information…

Charles and Margaret Ward in Bari
Charles Ward in battledress walking alongside Margaret Pratt in First Aid Nursing Yeomanry uniform in Bari. In the background a building with a doorway with two people looking on. On the reverse 'Italy, 1944, Bari'.

Charles Ward leaning on balustrade by the sea
Charles Ward in uniform and short sleeves leaning on a concrete balustrade. In the background sea with sailing boats. In the far distance, coastline. On the reverse 'To Darling Mikey, with lots of love, Charles, 28/8/45, Verazze, Italy'.

Margaret Pratt (now Ward) service record
Service record with personal details. Notes completed wireless operator training in May 1943 and then served in North Africa and Bari, Italy.

Charles Ward Territorial Army record of service paper
Personal and service record details for Charles William Ward. Noted that he served at home and abroad in North Africa and was awarded the Africa Star with 1st Army clasp and the 1939/45 Star and provides a character reference. Release date 29 April…

Army history of cadet Ensign Margaret Pratt and Sergeant Charles Ward
Memoir and diary covering Charles Ward's call up to the Army and early training. Mentions that he applied to transfer to the Royal Air Force and although accepted, all transfers were cancelled due to imminent operations. Describes in detail fighting…
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