Jones, F T


Jones, F T


32 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant F T Jones (b. 1923, 1717191, 186036, Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, diary and photographs. He flew 38 operations as a flight engineer with 420 Squadron from RAF Tholthorpe.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Chris Jones and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Jones, FT

Collection Items

Diary - Sergeant F T Jones
Navigator's. air bombers and air gunners log book used as a daily diary from 23 January 1944 until 31 January 1944. Describes daily activities including lectures as well as training and test flights. Mentions social activities, weather, inspections…

Course photograph
Titled 'RAF School of Administration and accountancy' and captioned 'No 41 Admin Course "Y" Syndicate 14/11/45-9/1/46'. Forty-six RSF officers wearing battledress or tunics many with brevet sitting and standing in four rows.

Twin brothers
Head and shoulders portrait of an airman on the left wearing tunic and side cap and a naval rating on the right wearing tunic and peaked cap.

Twin brothers
Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic on the left and a naval rating wearing tunic on the right. On the reverse 'Twin brothers = naval rating'.

Target photograph showing glare. Captioned '324 TLP 26-27/3/44//NT 8" 23000 >156degrees 2211 1/2, Essen, J 6x30-6x4.3 sec, F/L Northern J 420'.

Target photograph showing anti-aircraft fire trails and glare. Captioned 'TLP 24/25.3.44//NT 8", 20000 > 354degrees, 2310, Berlin L,6x30,5x4.31 sec, S/L Beal L N 420'.

Blurred target photograph. Captioned 32B, TPL. 16-27/3/44//NT 8" 21700 > 156 degrees, 2213, Essen, M,6x30 - 6 x 4.31sec W.O. Leonard, R 420'. On the reverse 'One prior turnover on ground'.

Artwork - aircrew preparing for operations
Artwork of aircrew in flying clothes gathered round a planning table with maps and pigeons in their baskets. They are being briefed by a wing commander wearing tunic with pilot's brevet, another flight lieutenant pilot stands behind him. RAF badge at…

Halifax - Daisy Mae
View of the front fuselage of a Halifax parked on an airfield. Nose art woman in short skirt and text "Daisy Mae". In the distant background a hangar with Halifax outside. On the reverse 'Daisy Mae'.

Airmen sitting on bombs
Two airmen, one on the right wearing tunic with brevet and sergeant rank, the one on the left wearing battledress and smoking a cigarette sitting on bombs on bomb trolley under a Halifax.

Seven aircrew and Halifax
Seven aircrew wearing battledress with brevet standing in line in front of a Halifax.

Side view of a Halifax Daisy Mae MZ540 letter "H" parked on dispersal. There is one man standing in front and a group of others behind the tail plane.

Fuelling a Halifax
Front quarter view of a Halifax parked on an airfield. A petrol bowser is parked in front of the port wing and there is a step ladder by the starboard inner engine.

Eight airmen
Eight airmen. one wearing tunic and the others battledress (some with visible brevet) standing in a group. Two are smoking cigarettes and one is taking cigarette out of a packet.

Airmen sitting by a Halifax
Five airmen sitting on the ground in the shade from the rear fuselage of a Halifax. There is one bomb trolley under the port wing and another under the bomb bay. Step ladders and maintenance platforms in front of the port wing.

Side view of Halifax MZ540 PT-H parked on dispersal. Part of another aircraft in the background right. A bomb trolley and bicycles underneath the fuselage.

Course photograph
Twenty-three airmen wearing tunic with white belts and side caps sitting and standing in three rows with a two storey with two storey brick barrack building with windows behind. On the reverse several signatures.

RAF Halton workshop
Nine airmen wearing dust coats over uniform in a workshop gathered round aircraft engines. On the wall behind blackboards with 'Pegasus' printed on them.
On the reverse '98 Entry B Class Halton 7.5.43' and 12 signatures.

Four airmen
Four airmen wearing tunics with brevet, two with visible sergeants rank, all standing in a row leaning on a park railing with trees in the background. Three are smoking.

Bombing up
An airman is guiding a bomb being winched up into a bomb bay. A bomb trolley on the right and bicycles behind.

Ground crew working on engine
On the left, an airman standing on platform has his head behind a Halifax engine Another airman stands on the platform to the right while another sits on the wing between engines.

Bomb being loaded
An armourer guiding a bomb being winched into a bomb bay. Another airman stands to the left and part of the bomb trolley is visible on the right.

Seven aircrew
Seven aircrew wearing battledress with brevet standing in line in front of a Halifax

Daisy Mae
Cartoon of a lady with short skirt with name 'Daisy Mae'. Four rows of bomb symbols under the name.

Course photograph
Forty-four airmen, all wearing tunics and side caps, sitting and standing in four rows in front of a building with bay windows. One man in the centre of the photograph has a tunic but is not wearing a shirt or tie.
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