Crawford, Jean


Crawford, Jean


7 items. The collection concerns Jean Crawford (nee Taplin) and Hector Crawford and contains photographs and memoirs.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Jean Crawford and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Crawford, HF

Collection Items

Canadian Tanks in Grendon Underwood
A tank named 'BRADFORD' blocking the village road watched by a soldier and two local men. Behind is a second tank and the village church. On the reverse is 'Canadian Churchill tanks passing through Grendon Underwood March 1943 Operation Spartan…

Home Guard Edgcott
Ten men arranged in two rows. On the reverse 'Home Guard Edgcott U. Hall 1940's Tug of War Team'.

Edgcott Home Guard c 1940
A formal group of 34 men arranged in four rows. In the second image each man is named in a printed caption.

Harold Taplin
Three soldiers in tropical khaki. On the reverse is handwritten 'Uncle Harold Taplin Centre'.

Empire Day - 1940
A certificate issued to an individual for providing comfort and contentment to commonwealth military personnel. The space for a named individual is blank.

Reminiscences of Mrs Jean Crawford
Jean's stories about growing up in wartime England. Food features in her tales as do crashed RAF aircraft. She describes village life and personalities then tales about her village school.

Recollections by Hector Crawford
Hector's stories about growing up in wartime Edgcott. His family moved there in 1941 when he was 10. He covers his school life, working on his father's farm, mock fighting, playing on a bombing range, working as a cowman, tractor work, working in a…
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