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Madge, JG
JG Madge


Ten items. The collection concerns Warrant Officer John George Madge (1398434 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, correspondence and photographs. He flew operations as an air gunner with 97 Squadron and was killed 11 November 1944.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Ann Flint and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.

Additional information on John George Madge is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Collection Items

Letter to John Madge's wife listing the other members of the crew that were lost
The crew members were Capt 12543 Fl/Lt J S Runnacles, Flt Eng 144617 F/O Cowan, Nav 1392529 WO JM Crawford, Special BA 1349742 FS J McF Farrell, BA 162871 F/O HC Annett, W.Op 11876056 WO H J Moore, Rear Gunner 1853239 Sgt LA Oldfield.

Telegram from John Madge to his fiancé to arrange leave on completion of his first tour in November 1943
Telegram and envelope addressed to ACW Butler c/o sergeants mess RAF Wing ,Leighton Buzzard.

Correspondence concerning the death of John Madge
Telegram sent informing his wife that he had failed to return, condolence letters from the squadron CO and Air Ministry and follow up letters to John's wife, and father.

John Madge's Log Book
J G Madge’s Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book detailing operations and training flown covering the period 18 November 1942 to 10 November 1944. He was stationed at RAF Morpeth (4 AGS), RAF Little Horwood (26 OTU), RAF Marham (1483…

Letters and certificates from the Air Ministry presuming John Madge's death
Four items of correspondence, the letters to John's wife and his father and two certificates of death issued as no further information had been discovered about the circumstances of John's death.

John Madge
Formal pose, head and shoulders, sergeants stripes and air gunners brevet. On the reverse the date '1943'.

Joyce Madge
Joyce in WAAF uniform with two colleagues.
The second shows Joyce together with a small child, on the reverse a date '1 Feb 19??'

John and Joyce Madge
Joyce with a corsage and John with sergeants stripes and AG brevet, on the reverse caption '3/10/43 Love from John and Joyce to Mum. Arthur & Arthur Ltd, 36 Strand, WC2. 8 Dec 1943'.
The second photograph is of Joyce, John and an elderly woman,…

John Madge and crew
Crew standing under nose of a Stirling on a dispersal, airfield background. Caption on the reverse, 'John (extreme right) with crew 97 Squadron.'

John George Madge
A head and shoulders portrait of Sergeant John George Madge in uniform with air gunners brevet..
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