Hewlett, F A


Hewlett, F A


Nine items. The collection concerns Sergeant Frank Allen Hewlett (1205683 Royal Air Force) and contains photographs. He served as a wireless operator with 2TAF in Europe.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Jude Hewlett and catalogued by Benjamin Turner.




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Hewlett, FA

Collection Items

Military Personnel at Twickel Castle
A group of military personnel on the grass in front of Twickel Castle, Delden. Frank Allen Hewlett is first on the right on the second row. Behind the personnel are some service vehicles and the castle. On the reverse of the photograph are the names…

Stalin camp
A Soviet Union Displaced Persons camp entrance. An entrance sign can be seen.

84 Group
Men and service vehicles of 84 Group RAFVR, Second Tactical Air Force on a road. Civilian onlookers can be seen on the pavement on the left of the photograph.

84 Group
A group of military personnel of the 84 Group RAFVR, Second Tactical Air Force, sitting in the grass by the road. RAF service vehicles can be seen in a line on the road. The first one is marked RAF 58915, type 370A.

Kruithof family at Berkenlaan 28, Antwerp
The Kruithof family standing in the yard of the house at Berkenlaan 28, Antwerpen, on the side facing Hagendoornlaan.

On the reverse: "To Frank from your old friends in Antwerpen."

Identification kindly provided by Frank Schilder.

Kruithof family at Berkenlaan 28, Antwerp
The Kruithof family standing in front of a building in Antwerp, 1944. The photo was taken in the backyard, facing west alongside the side of the house, towards the Berkenlaan. Annotated on the reverse:

Marga – Elly
Mia – Jaap –…

Dubois Robbe family
The Dubois Robbe Family in Pihem, Pas De Calais, standing in a garden.

Rene Dubois Robbe
Rene Dubois Robbe standing in a doorway. A dog can be seen sitting next to him on the left of the photograph.

Dubois Robbe family
Three civilians: Roger, Rene and Clement in Pihem, Pas De Calais.
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