Clegg, Peter Vernon. Isaacson, Peter - folder


Clegg, Peter Vernon. Isaacson, Peter - folder


Four items. Contains photographs, biography of Wing Commander Peter Isaacson AM, DFC, AFC, DFM RAAF and extracts from his log book covering a journey from England to Australia.




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Extract from Peter Isaacson's log book
Covers his flight from England west via the United States to Australia in 1943.

Peter Isaacson and his parents
Half length image of two men and a woman standing in line. In the middle an RAAF officer wearing uniform tunic with pilot's brevet, medal ribbons, pathfinder badge and peaked cap, holding gloves. On the left a woman wearing coat and hat and on the…

Flight Lieutenant Peter Isaacson DFC, DFM
Half length portrait of an RAAF officer wearing uniform tunic with pilot's brevet, medal ribbons , Pathfinder badge, and peaked cap. Captioned 'Flight Lieutenant Peter Isaacson DFC, DFM, in 1943'.

Biography of Wing Commander P Isaacson AM, DFC, AFC, DFM RAAF and research related to same, part of 156 (PFF) sqn with AG Lang and L Verdon-Roe
Peter Isaacson biography relating to him surviving two tours in Bomber Command and then to being asked take a Lancaster to Australia westabout and describing his journey. Continues with early life moving to Australia, being selected for RAAF aircrew…
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