Warner, Charles Herbert Albert


Warner, Charles Herbert Albert
C H A Warner


Sixteen items. The collection concerns Sergeant Charles Warner (1801861 Royal Air Force) and and Sergeant J F W Warner (976029 Royal Air Force).

Charle Warner's collection contains correspondence, documents and photographs. He flew as a flight engineer on 101 Squadron and was shot down and killed 3 September 1943.

Additional information on Charles Warner is available via the IBCC Losses Database.

J F W Warner's collection contains his service and release book and his decorations. He served as an engine fitter in North Africa.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Geoffrey Warner and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Warner, CHA

Collection Items

Charles Warner and dog
Full length image of a sergeant airman wearing tunic with half brevet and side cap standing in a garden with a small dog sitting on his left. In the background foliage. On the reverse nine signatures with love and kisses.

Flight engineers
Five airmen wearing tunic with half brevet and side caps sitting and standing in two rows. On the reverse 'Sgt Ken Wallace, Sgt Charles Warner, Sgt Stan Woods, July 1st 1943. Sgt Horace Watkiss, Sgt Dennis Schofield'.

Member of Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Head and shoulders portrait of an airwoman wearing tunic and peaked cap. Trees in the background. On the reverse 'Xmas 1940'.

Crew list
List of crew in which Charlie Warner flew as flight engineer, that was shot down on 3/4 September 1943. All were killed except the front gunner who was a prisoner of war.

History of RAF Spilsby
Describes location, construction and layout. Opened in September 1943 with 207 Squadron Lancaster and later 44 Squadron. Last operation was in April 1945 to Berchtesgaden. Covers post-war squadron moves, locations and disbandment, including arrival…

Sergeant J F W Warner - RAF service and release book
Book for 976029 Sergeant John Frederick Walter Warner. Overseas service from 9.11.1942 to 9/11/1945. Served from 19.12.1939 to 10/03/1946. Awarded Africa Star and clasp, Italy Star and 1939-45 Star. Trade engine fitter.

Group of aimen
Ten airmen, three squatting and seven standing behind all, wearing battledress and some with side caps. Tent in the background on left

Photographs of airmen
Top - a large group of airmen wearing battledress sitting and standing in four rows.
Bottom - a group of airmen wearing battledress, most with side caps and one a tin helmet sitting on a rocky hillside.

Campaign Stars, Clasps and Medals
List of decorations with 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with North Africa 1942-43 clasp, Italy Star and War Medal 1939-45 all ticked.

114 Squadron crest and bases
114 (Bomber) Squadron crest with striking cobra and moto 'with speed I strike'. Surrounded with operating bases. Note below about Air Chief Marshall Sir John Allison.

Identity disks and decorations
Two identity disks on string.
Four decorations 1939 to 1945 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star and War Medal 1939–1945.

Letter to Mrs Wilkinson from Donald Flett
Transcription of a letter. Writes of events on night 3/4 September 1943. Mentioned 'Charlie had done four ops before they copped it on the fifth. First op was Peenemunde, gives description of target. Mentions targets of other operations and that…

Photographs of airman
Top left - a full length image of an airman wearing tunic with half brevet and sergeant rank and a side cap, standing in a garden with a dog seated on his left.
Top right - an airman wearing tunic with half brevet and sergeant rank squatting down in…

Photographs of airmen
Top - full length image of two men. On the left an RAF airman wearing tunic with side cap. On the right an older man wearing unidentified uniform and peaked cap.
Bottom - five aircrew wearing tunics with brevet and side caps. Two in front have…

Letter to Charles Warner's mother from RAF Ludford chaplain
Offer sympathy and prayers in her time of sorrow.

Letter to Charles Warner's mother from officer commanding  101 Squadron
Sorry to have to advise her that her son was missing from air operations 3-4 September 1943. Holds out hope for forced landing or bale out and offers comments on his character.
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