Thirsk, T P


Thirsk, T P
T P Thirsk


Eight items. The collection concerns T P Thirsk (Royal Air Force) and contains his log book and documents. He flew a tour of operations as a pilot with 102 Squadron flying the Halifax from Pocklington before becoming a staff pilot at the Empire Air Navigation School.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by John Patrick Thirsk and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Thirsk, TP

Collection Items

Peter Thirsk's pilots flying log book
Pilots flying log book for T P Thirsk, covering the period from 10 November 1944 to 4 October 1945. Detailing his flying training and flying duties with the empire air navigation school. He was stationed at RAF Montrose and RAF Shawbury. Aircraft…

Extract from No 102 Squadron history in 1942
Extract covers eight planned flights of aircraft captained by Peter when he was a SNCO pilot. They take place between 11 August 1942 and 13 October 1942 when the squadron was at Pocklington.

Eight pages of jottings, only two of which give some context, one is a sketch and description of what appears to be the oxygen system of a large aircraft the other lists the flying exercises taking place during his training in May of 1941.

Notes for using Standard Beam Approach
Four pages of notes to help users get the best out of Standard Beam Approach or SBA (the Lorenz System).

Drawings of flying exercises
Two pages of graph paper, the first is divided into nine areas, each has flying exercises and are dated from 14-5-41 to 28-5-41, bottom right is LAC Thirsk 1378816. The second is on the reverse of this sheet and has two similar drawings titled Ex 11…

Page torn from an exercise book, page has many notes a number could be flying hours, dates mentioned are 6 and 7 /5/41.

Cartoon. Betty's Bar, York
The drawing has a map with a group of senior officers. One of them is using a pointer saying 'Here's Betty's Bar'. The heading is Betty's Bar York.
Captioned 'Cartoon in The Tatler November 1944.'

Visit by Lettice Curtis to Pocklington
Cutting records the visit of Lettice Curtis to Pocklington, a member of the ATA , who delivered Halifax aircraft to Pocklington. cutting records that Flight Lieutenant Peter Thirsk flew 29 operations on the Halifax attended.
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