Phillips, Daniel


Phillips, Daniel
D Phillips


40 Items. Collection concerns Warrant Officer Daniel Phillips ( - 2022, 1653229) who served as a Lancaster navigator on 460 Squadron at RAF Binbrook in 1944/45. Collection contains service history, documents, a letter, photographs of people, places and aircraft. It also includes his flying log book and course notes from his navigator training.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Rhodri Phillips and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Phillips, D

Collection Items

Ten air and ground crew
Ten servicemen most wearing battledress and side caps and one with overalls sitting on the starboard inner engine of a Lancaster.

Ten air and ground crew
Seven aircrew and three ground crew wearing either battledress or coveralls squatting and standing in four rows in front of a Lancaster. Notes of names on the reverse.

Daniel Phillips and Lancaster
Head and shoulders view of a gentlemen in shirt sleeves in the foreground. In the background a Lancaster on runway.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Crew Binbrook
Seven aircrew all wearing battledress and side caps standing in two rows in front of a barrack block. On the reverse 'Crew Binbrook, Back: Eddie Bell m/u gunner, Roy Chapman engineer, ken Sillcock w/o, Bob Marshall pilot. Front: Steve Williams bomb…

Twelve air and ground crew by a Lancaster
Twelve servicemen, three squatting and four standing on the ground. Five further are on a raised stand or ladder leading to front fuselage of a Lancaster. Notes with names on the reverse.

Daniel Phillips and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight<br /><br />
Ten men in overalls/flying suits stand with a civilian by the front of the battle of Britain Flight Lancaster. Two man are up a ladder up to front fuselage.
Taken by RAF photographer who “recreated” the original black and white…

Course photograph
Nineteen airmen wearing battledress and side caps sitting and standing in three rows with wooden huts in the background. Sign with EMB 58 on the ground in front of first row. On the reverse signatures and sticker with 'third from left front…

Royal air Force service and release book
For Daniel Phillips. Left as warrant officer. Gives particulars and notes of aptitude and qualities.

List of crew
List of crew of E-Easy 460 Squadron Binbrook. Pilot - Bob Marshall - Australia, Wireless Operator Ken Silcock - Australia, Navigator Danny Phillips, Bomb Aimer - Steve Williams, Engineer - Roy Chapman. Mid upper gunner - Eddie Bell, Rear gunner -…

Summary of medical board
Some personal details and return to unit.

Receipt for £8.00 for Cox & Kings (Agents) Limited.

Glamorgan education authority details
Details of Daniel Phillips, education, service and recent salaries.

Selection board interview information form
Notes place of aircrew selection board on 10/03/43 and lists all course undertaken, promotion dates, flying times on operational aircraft and last medical board.

Responsibilities of a prisoner of war - European theatre of operations
Document laying down responsibilities of prisoner of war including: behaviour under interrogation, what the enemy will try and find out, how information is obtained by the enemy (sources and methods), Do's and Dont's and rights of prisoners.

Daniel Phillips&#039;s Air Navigation course notes
Covers earth magnetism, maps (scales, showing relief, projections, used by the RAF), reciprocal bearings, methods of reporting position, magnetic compasses, air speed indicators, time scale, altimeter, meteorology, computor [sic], fixes by position…

Daniel Phillips&#039;s observer&#039;s and air gunner&#039;s flying log book
Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book for D Phillips, navigator, covering the period from 16 September 1943 to 7 September 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at SAAF Queenstown, RAF Moreton Valance,…

Letter from Daniel Phillips to Myra Price
Letter to his sister Myra Price. Apologises for not answering her letters. Writes of people he had met in South Africa who had previously lived in Wales. Recounts his activities at a sports day.
Additional information about this item was kindly…

460 Squadron crest
460 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force with kangaroo leaping over a boomerang, motto - Strike and Return'.

Jimmy Croft
Head and shoulders portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic with air gunner brevet. On the reverse a sticker and caption 'Jimmy Croft A/G'.

Officer standing by wall
Full length portrait of an officer wearing uniform tunic with half brevet and with hands in his pockets standing in front of a stone wall. On the reverse 'Dannie on demob leave 6/9/46'.

Bob Marshall
Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing uniform tunic with pilot's brevet. On the reverse 'Bob Marshall'. Sticker with 'Bob Marshall, pilot'.

Daniel Phillips
Side head view portrait of a man wearing jacket and tie. On the reverse of two 'Phillips'. Danny Phillips carried this photograph on operations to be used for forged documents if he was shot down and needed to evade.
Additional information about…

Daniel Phillips
Head and shoulders portrait of a man wearing jacket and tie. Danny Phillips carried this photograph on operations to be used for forged documents if he was shot down and needed to evade. On the reverse of the second 'Phillips'.

Four men
Four servicemen standing in line. The two on the right are wearing khaki uniform tunics. The two on the left are wearing khaki trousers and blue battledress tops. In the background city buildings. On the reverse 'Christmas day 1945 with F/Sgt…

Three officers
Three-quarter length view of three officers wearing khaki uniform and peaked caps standing in line in front of a single story building. On the reverse 'Bombay, July 1946, P Card: A Horrocks'.
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