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Allen, Derrick
Derrick Allen
D J Allen


75 items. The collection covers the career of Flight Sergeant Derrick John Allen (1880966 Royal Air Force) who was a mid-upper gunner on 467 Royal Australian Air Force Squadron at RAF Waddington in 1944-45. Collection contains his logbook, Royal Air Force documentation, notes on air gunners course and photographs of various aircrew. Collection also contains maps and photographs covering the loss of his Lancaster near Spa in Belgium from which he successfully bailed out on 2 November 1944. There is also an oral history interview with his family.

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Allen, DJ

Collection Items

Derrick Allen's flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners, flight engineers
Navigator’s, air bomber’s, air gunner’s and flight engineer’s flying log book for Flight Sergeant Derrick Allen air gunner, covering the period from 11 February 1944 to 25 April 1945. Detailing training and operations flown. He was stationed…

Derrick Allen was the mid-upper gunner on a Lancaster that crashed near Spa in Belgium. He had been making his way to bale out when the pilot asked him to help the rear gunner who was trapped in his turret. He managed to do this but the plane broke…

Derrick Allen with man and woman outside Buckingham Palace
Derrick Allen on the right and a man on the left are arm in arm with a woman in the centre. Derrick is wearing greatcoat and side cap. The man and woman are in civilian clothes. In the background part of the Victoria Monument outside Buckingham…

Derrick Allen and his brother
Derrick Allen is sitting in the driving seat of an Austin 12-6 car looking out of the open side window. Aubrey Allen is standing to his left. Both are wearing civilian clothes. In the background a wooden building with a thatched roof on the left…

H R Harvey
Head and shoulder portrait of officer wearing tunic with air gunner brevet and peaked cap. On the reverse 'H R Harvey 1946, Derricks RAF friend'.

Two aircrew on a Lancaster engine
Two aircrew, one kneeling in front wearing a peaked cap, one standing behind on top of a Lancaster engine. Both are wearing battledress. Two propeller blades are visible. In the background a perimeter track and airfield. On the reverse 'F/Lt Evans,…

Bomb aimer in Lancaster's bomb aimer's cupola
Front of a Lancaster showing front turret and bomb aimer's cupola. Aircrew wearing flying helmet and goggles in the cupola looking at camera. In the background open ground and hedges. On the reverse 'W/O Sutton Air Bomber April 1945'.

Derrick Allen in demob suit
Full length portrait of Derrick Allen in suit standing with pipe in his left hand. In the background a brick building with door on the left and window on the right. On the reverse 'Derrick in his demob suit [.......]'. Second photograph same as the…

Derrick Allen
Full length portrait of Derrick Allen in civilian clothes standing with foot on tree stump. In the background trees. On the reverse 'D.J.A, 1945'.

Map of La Reid area Belgium
Map of the area near La Reid, Belgium annotated to show the area of the farm at Vioux Pre near to Bois de la Reid.

Derrick Allen lay-off reference
Good character reference for Derrick Allen after being laid off due to lack of work for company in wartime.

The Homing Bomber
Poem written on RAF Waddington notepaper called The Homing Bomber. It describes a damaged bomber and its wounded crew making its way back to the UK.

Conspicuous Gallantry Award winners on 463 and 467 Squadrons on Tonsberg and Peenemunde operations
Lists crew member Sergeant George Wilfred Simpson Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, flight engineer from 463 Squadron, Lancaster RA542 piloted by Flying Officer A Cox on Tonsberg operation 25/26 April 1945 and Sergeant George William Oliver Conspicuous…

Crew of Lancaster B DV396 - 467 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force
List of crew of Lancaster DV 396 of 467 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force

King George VI
Head and shoulders portrait of King George VI in uniform of Admiral of the Fleet. In the background drawn curtains.

Congratulatory telegrams and wedding photograph
Two telegrams wishing Derrick Allen and his wife best wishes and future happiness. On the right a three-quarter length portrait of Derrick Allen in suit and his bride (was Miss Colbert) is wedding dress with bouquet.

Poem 'Spare a Thought', ticket to investiture at Buckingham palace, and Belgian bank notes
On the left a poem by Pte K R Hobbs (5th Northants Regt) entitled 'Spare a Thought' concerning mothers waiting in vain, Below ticket No 100 for entry of witness to investiture at Buckingham Palace. On the right, 20, 10 and 5 franc Belgian banknotes.

Derrick Allen invitation to investiture at Buckingham Palace
Notes that the King will hold investiture at Buckingham Palace on 12 March 1945. Derrick Allen requested to be at palace no later than 10.15. Goes on to details dress and who may accompany.

Accounts of actions leading to award of Conspicuous Gallantry medal and other congratulatory material
At the top a postagram congratulating Derrick Allen on his award of Conspicuous Gallantry Medal signed A T Harris. Six newspaper cuttings giving various accounts of actions in releasing rear gunner from jammed turret while Lancaster dives out of…

Letter to Derrick Allen concerning details for investiture of Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Gazetted on 6 March 1945, informs Derrick Allen that he will be awarded his medal by the King at an investiture at Buckingham palace on 12 March 1946. Goes on to discuss other relevant details concerned with investiture.

Derrick Allen citation for Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Account of night 2 November 1944. Sergeant Allen's Lancaster was attacked by night fighter after successful attack on Dusseldorf. Allen opened fire twice and damaged fighter but the Lancaster was badly damaged. Whilst Lancaster was in uncontrolled…

Congratulations on award of Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
From Officer Commanding 467 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force and base commander 53 Base Waddington congratulating Derrick Allen on immediate award of Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.

Welcome letter from Secretary of State for Air
Welcome to the Royal Air Force and that selection for aircrew training is a great distinction. Explains how waiting list works and explains why he will have to wait. Encourages him to keep fit while waiting and to carry on with current job.

Newspaper account of Derrick Allen's heroic actions leading to award of Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, congratulatory wedding telegrams and banknote
On the left a newspaper cutting with an account of how Derrick Allen freed the rear gunner from his jammed turret while his Lancaster was going down. On the right top and bottom, congratulatory wedding telegrams wishing future happiness. Between the…

Congratulatory wedding telegrams
Two telegrams wishing Derrick Allen and his wife every happiness and best wishes.
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