Pickering, Eileen. Drawings


Pickering, Eileen. Drawings


Eight items. Five drawings of RAF life and three of Bletchley Park




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Pickering, E

Collection Items

Bletchley Park
Four drawings. Top left drawing - a hut with tents in front and pathways bottom and right captioned 'RAF Church Green'. Top right drawing- a building on the left with a gate between it and a hedge. Wall and fields on the left. Captioned 'Bletchley…

Caricatures of Royal Air Force personnel
Eight drawings of caricaturing people in Royal Air Force of various ranks. All have captions explaining each drawing.

RAF Church Green
On the left a brick multi-storey building with vertical windows. A tree lined fence curves from building to bottom right. Annotation 'RAF Church Green - memories (bags of)'.

Twelve caricatures of various figures, some in uniform. others not. Five have captions describing figures.

E.V.T Gen Room Bletchley Park
Drawing of room inside brick hut, In the fore foreground four tables with various objects. Towards the back more tables and notification board on back wall. Left side wall has windows with radiators under. Right wall has window high up an large…

Military caricatures
Eight figures in line from left to middle in various uniform or other dress. Two smoke cigarettes and one a pipe the smoke from all gathers above them, To the right three figures in another bubble struggling to find the answer to a crossword clue.…

The Royal Air Force or Glamour Boys
Black and white drawing of ten caricatures of various air force ranks and trades including NAAFI Basheress and WAAF type. Signed copied by D Hickton.

Intelligence speaking
Cartoon drawing of an airman with empty in-tray and paper aeroplane on desk answering the telephone.
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