Brooks, William Alfred


Brooks, William Alfred
W A Brooks
Brooks, Chunky


37 items. The collection concerns William Alfred Brooks (b. 1922, 1318320 Royal Air Force). He flew operations as a bomb aimer with 10 Squadron before being shot down and becoming a prisoner of war. The collections contains photographs and correspondence and his prisoner of war log. The collection also contains a photo album of military service in Singapore.
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Brooks, WA

Collection Items

Condolence telegram from squadron
Telegram to Bill's father from the 10 Squadron adjutant informing him that Bill did not return from an overnight operation

Prisoner of war telegram
Telegram to Bill's father informing him that Bill is a prisoner of war in Germany.

Letter from Bill to his mother
Written when at the Initial Training Wing in Newquay.

Condolence letter
To Bill's father when Bill failed to return from an operation.

Bill Brooks' prisoner of war identity cards
Two identity cards, one from Stalag Luft 7

Bill Brooks' RAF Form 2788, War Gratuity and Post War Credits
Sent from the Release Centre, giving an entitlement of £94-7-6.

Bill Brooks' Service and Release Book as a prisoner of war
This is a second RAF Form 2520A, reflecting Bill's time as a prisoner of war. It was issued at RAF Hednesford, on 14 March 1946. It records Bill's service from 18 August 1941 until his release on 13 March 1946, including his time as a POW from 26 May…

Bill Brooks Service and Pay Book
Service Book page, service number 1318320, D.O.B. 28/1/22, date of attestation 8/5/41

Soldiers and liner in Singapore
Four photographs, first is of a group of soldiers and others sitting and around a Jeep, single story building and motorcyclist in background. Second is of an L.S.T. under way, third is of a stone jetty from the water, fourth is of a liner in…

Soldiers in Singapore
Two photographs both showing informal groups of soldiers.

Army in Singapore
Four photographs, first is of a substantial two story building set in a jungle clearing captioned 'My billet', second is of local fishing boat captioned 'Chinese Junk'. Third is of large room with open veranda cane furniture, captioned 'Naffi (sic)…

Soldiers in Singapore
Three photographs, first is of several soldiers on veranda of their billet, local woman walking past, second is group of four soldiers on same veranda, third is of eight soldiers mounted on a static motorcycle.

Army in Singapore
Four photographs, first is a locally employed staff member standing by R.A.S.C. Central Marine Workshop sign, second is of an L.S.T. being loaded/unloaded. Third is of a moored motor launch used by the R.A.S.C. called Oberon, fourth is of a large…

Soldiers Singapore
Three photographs, first 22 soldiers posed in five rows in front of R.A.S.C. workshop, second soldier walking across open space between two buildings, single story building in background. Third is of eight soldiers mounted on a static motor cycle.

Workshop staff, P Brani
Four photographs, first two are similar, two soldiers two locals, with sign 'R.A.S.C. Central Marine Workshops, captioned 'The Boys'. third is of a launch captioned F.M.B. Almond', fourth captioned 'The Jetty P Brani'.

RMS Strathnaver and soldiers
Two photographs, first is of the RMS Strathnaver anchored, second is of three soldiers on building veranda.

Identification kindly provide by Gianluca Mazzanti of the Archeologi dell’Aria research group.

Shipping in Singapore
Four photographs showing shipping in Singapore harbour. First captioned 'Q of Burmuda leaving Singapore', second captioned 'Otranto', third is of an L.S.T. Fourth is captioned 'Georgic leaving Singapore'.

Soldier in Singapore
Two photographs, first, soldier seated outside, upper torso, no shirt, arms crossed, pipe in mouth, building in background. Second same soldier seated in cane chair outside, two locals standing.

Four photographs, first of rugged valley, captioned 'From the rear of billet'. second large buildings in tree covered area, third is individual in foreground, harbour in background, fourth is G.P.O. Singapore Harbour.

Five soldiers
Five soldiers, posed in two rows, brick wall in background.

Four photographs, first captioned 'St Andrews Singapore', second captioned 'Swiming (sic) Pool Singapore', third captioned G.P.O. Singapore Harbour', fourth captioned 'Jap suicide boat from R Brani'.

Group of soldiers
Informal group of 13 soldiers, in two rows, variety of dress, wire fence in background. Captioned 'What no girls?'.

HMS Queen of Bermuda in Singapore harbour
A large liner in the middle of the harbour.

Singapore in the rain
Two photographs, heavy rain in both, first open space with narrow road winding through, trees in the distance. Second of building half way up a small rise, rain pouring down the steps.
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