Mehlin, Brian


Mehlin, Brian
B Mehlin


Four items.

The collection contains photographs.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Brian Mehlin and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Mehlin, B

Collection Items

Mosquito over Everest
A Mosquito flying over Everest. On the reverse a telex message with details about the event, various rubber stamps and references.
On a separate sheet 'Mosquito flying over Mount Everest'.

A port side view of a Hurricane. Behind is the tail of a Meteor. On the reverse 'August 1964 The last 'Hurricane' in the RAF. This aircraft was photographed at Boscombe Down, the Air Ministry & RAF Research station, where the ultra-modern TSR2 is…

A port/side view of a Mosquito 'TV959' on the ground. On the reverse De Havilland Mosquito T.3' and on a separate sheet 'Mosquito TV959'.

B-17 in flight
An air-to-air view of a B-17 in flight over snow capped mountains. On the reverse 'Via RL Ward' and [indecipherable]. On a separate sheet 'B-17 12599 "Tug Boat Annie".'

Place tentatively identification as Washington State by Gianluca Mazzanti of…
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