James, Eilwyn Cyril


James, Eilwyn Cyril
E C James


47 items. The collection concerns Eilwyn Cyril James (Royal Air Force) and contains documents and photographs.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by David James and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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James, EC

Collection Items

EC James
A head and shoulders portrait of Cyril in uniform, with pilot's wings.

Air Navigation Plotter
A tool used by navigators on a chart to plot bearings and distances.

B Flight No 4 Squadron
61 men, mostly trainees, arranged in four rows., captioned B Flight, No 4 Squadron. 3 ITW September 1941.

Metropolitan Police Detective Training School Group Photograph
35 men and two women arranged in four rows. On the front each man is captioned with name and rank.

Metropolitan Police Motor Driving School, Hendon NW9 Group Photograph
28 men arranged in four rows, flanked by two cars. On the reverse are nine signatures and a photographers stamp.

Pilot's Notes for a Catalina
Notes taken during training.

The Pilot is Beyond the Reach of a Court-Martial
An extract from Tee Emm magazine about a pilot that died doing unauthorised low flying. It refers to a dozen other accidents where pilots and crew lost their lives doing low flying.

Cyril James' Entry Scores Ground School
Cyril's record of scores for entry ground school.

Cyril James' Naval Aviator Certificate
A certificate awarded to Cyril on completion of his course.

Cairo Air Chart
A 1:1000000 chart of Egypt overlaid with RAF airfields.

A graph produced by Cyril.

Field Flight Board Proceedings
Cyril failed to pass his stage C checks but the board allowed him 4.5 hours extra training.

Extract from Training Report
A report referring to training.

Squadron Report Sheet
A report on a violation of flight discipline by Cyril.

Cyril James Training Report
A report issued to Cyril summarising his non-flying suitability.
There are two copies

Transition Orders to Further Training
Orders issued to Cyril James with respect to his training.

Cyril James Identity Record
Cyril's identity paper at Pensacola

Unsatisfactory Progress in Training
A form completed by Cyril referring to his performance. He is instructed to undertake further training to bring his standard up to the required level.

Cyril James' Report of Flying and Ground Training
Two fortnightly reports issued to Cyril during his training.

Cyril James Check Flights
A record of Cyril's check flights

Cyril James Dual Instruction Report
A report issued to Cyril regarding his dual instruction.

Cyril James Formation Flying Report
A report issued to Cyril covering his formation flying.

Cyril James Check Flights
A record of check flights undertaken by Cyril.

Cyril James Dual Instruction Report
A report covering each dual flight undertaken by Cyril.

Cyril James Training Reports
A report issued to Cyril covering his training with the US Navy.
A second report only refers to extra formation flying training.
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