Southgate, Harold


Southgate, Harold
H Southgate


11 items. The collection concerns Flying Officer Harold Southgate DFC (Royal Air Force) and contains documents and photographs. He flew operations as a pilot with 50 Squadron.

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Southgate, H

Collection Items

Ode to 50 Squadron
A two verse memorial to those who died flying as members of 50 Squadron.
It is endorsed 'With best wishes' F/Lt J.C.A. Rodgers D.F.M. Dip I.E.T. R.A.F.V.R.

50 Squadron losses April - June 1942
Hand written table titled 'April - June 1942, losses in chronological order 50 Squadron, code : VN, Base : Skellingthorpe'. During this period the squadron was operating the Manchester. The last two entries are for August and September.

Award of DFC and bar to Harold Southgate
Two cuttings, the first from the Essex County Telegraph 16th October 1943 announcing the award of a Bar to Harolds D.F.C. The other records the award of the D.F.C. No dates or publication.

Operation to Milan
A drawing of a Lancaster just starting its take off run presented as a certificate recording the Southgate's crews operation to Milan. The artist is Pilot Officer A Pollen, it is signed by the then A.O.C. R A Cochrane.

Harold Southgate
Formal portrait, upper torso, pilot's brevet and Flying Officer rank braids.

Harold Southgate as an aircrew trainee
Three photographs taken when Harold was undertaking his basic training as aircrew. The first is Harold, full length standing in front of a large house.
The second is Harold with four others standing in front of the same house. The third is of 47…

Harold Southgate
Three photographs of Harold in the garden of a house, full length, two of him standing and one reclining on the grass, Flying Officer rank braids.

Harold Southgate and George
From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Two men standing, Southgate on right, captioned George and self'.
Posed standing on grass on the left side of 50 Squadron Lancaster rear fuselage.

Harold Southgate and crew
'Group of 7, Southgate on left. Caption August 1942, Swinderby' standing on the left side of the rear fuselage of 50 Squadron Lancaster, F, serial R572?. Posed in two rows one is carrying flying kit.

Additional information about this item has been…

Harold Southgate
Harold wearing flying helmet and oxygen mask in aircraft cockpit.

50 Squadron over Kassel
Drawing shows 50 Squadron Lancaster flying over destroyed buildings, dropping candles on parachutes to illuminate the ruins below while an airman crawls on the wing to take a photograph. A sign points to Kassel and an officer is saying 'Hermann! you…
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