Mitchell, Mitch


Mitchell, Mitch
John Ernest Francis Mitchell
J E F Mitchell


59 items. Flight Lieutenant John Ernest Francis 'Mitch' Mitchell. Joined the RAF as a boy entrant in 1934 and trained as a wireless operator. Flew on Vickers Virginia, Handley Page Heyford and Whitley before the war. Completed an operational tour on Whitley 1939-41. After being rested he flew a second tour of operations as a wireless operator with 207 Squadron before retraining as a pilot post war. Collection contains his flying logbooks, memoires of his air force career and first operations, lists of his operations, correspondence and photographs.

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Mitchell, JEF

Collection Items

Telegram for John Mitchell
'At last, I told you so, all the best from Got Hards.'

Telegram for John Mitchell
'Briefed at last - happy landings Pal' from 'Jim.'

Telegram for John Mitchell
'What about a QDM Mitch' from Bill and Jim.

Telegram for John Mitchell
'What's your ETA Mitch' from the gang.

Telegram for John Mitchell
'You've had it now Mitch' from Jim and Bill.

Telegram for John Mitchell
'Congratulations and best wishes for the future' from Celia and Tony.

John Mitchell flying log book. Three
L Mitchell’s pilot’s flying log book covering the period from 20 August 1953 to 31 October 1955. Detailing his operations flown as pilot. He was stationed at RAF Aldergrove (202 Squadron), RAF St Mawgan (School of Maritime Reconnaissance/236…

John Mitchell flying log book. Two
John Mitchell’s wireless operator’s flying log book covering the period from 12 October 1941 to 9 August 1948. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as wireless operator. He was stationed at RAF Kinloss (19 OTU), RAF Forres (19 OTU),…

John Mitchell's flying log book. One
L Mitchell’s air gunner’s flying log book covering the period from 1 July 1936 to 17 September 1941. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as air gunner. He was stationed at Upper Heyford, Driffield, Boscombe Down and Linton-on-Ouse…

Squadron Leader sitting in chair
A RAF officer wearing peaked cap and battledress with pilot's brevet and medal ribbons sitting on a chair in a garden with building with window in the background.

Five aircrew climbing aboard a Whitley
Five aircrew lined up with the first halfway up the nose ladder of a Whitley. On the reverse 'Whitley III, 58 Squadron Linton on Ouse 1939. Left to right, Sgt Drew Eng, Sgt Jesse gunner, Sgt Mitchell radio, P/O P Oniel pilot first, P/O Russell pilot…

Civil Defence certificate
Certifies that Joan Marie Mitchell completed training in welfare and homeless.

Telegram for John Mitchell
Author reports snowbound - best wishes from Lindholme signals types.

Telegram for John Mitchell
Congratulations on permanent commission. Essential medical and acceptance by 23rd Feb from Bryant

Letter to Squadron Leader J E F Mitchell DFC
Thanks from the Queen for his long and valuable service.

Telegram for John Mitchell
Congratulations of the offer of a permanent commission From Adams.

Telegram for Mr and Mrs  John Mitchell
Best wishes from us all Adams

Telegram for John Mitchell
'Congratulations and best of luck spare room is ready' from Cola and Mary.

Telegram for John Mitchell
'Briefed at last congratulations' from Bill.

Albert Ball crash site marker
Stone tablet in field noting that Captain Albert Ball fell on this spot fighting gloriously 7th May 1917. A gentleman wearing suit stands behind stone. On the reverse 'A Ball UC'.

Avro 504A Biplane upside down in pond
A biplane A857[?] upside down with tail in a pond with top wing on bank. Two servicemen look on from the right. In the background wooden buildings.

Man placing flowers on a grave
A man wearing overcoat crouching down laying flowers on a grave. A man with flag stand on the right. They are surrounded by men and women watching. On the reverse 'A Ball UC France'.

Cyril Ball
A man wearing dark overcoat sitting on a Matchless G3 motorbike. In the background a brick wall. On the reverse ' C Ball'.

Albert Ball's grave
Grave of Captain Albert Ball VC DSO MC in cemetery surrounded by other graves.

C Ball
Three quarter length portrait of a Royal Flying Corps pilot wearing tunic, sam brow belt, side cap and holding a swagger stick. On the reverse 'C Ball'.
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