Carpenter, Ronald


Carpenter, Ronald
R B Carpenter


Six items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant Ronald Carpenter DFM (149832 Royal Air Force). He flew a tour of operations as a bomb aimer with 10 Squadron and with 223 Squadron in 100 Group on electronic countermeasures. The collection contains his log book and photographs.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Ronald Carpenter and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Carpenter, RB

Collection Items

Halifax in flight
Series of six air to air views of Halifax Mk 2, serial BB 324, with squadron letters ZA-X, in various attitudes. Sometimes parts of the camera aircraft are visible. The following information was kindly supplied by the donor.…

Aircrew and ground crew with Halifax
First photograph seven individuals standing, seven sitting cross legged on the ground, posed under the nose of a Halifax Mk 2. Aircraft parked on it's dispersal, wheel chocked, battery trolley plugged in.
Second photograph is of the same 14…

Bomb aimer in his position
In full flying clothing surrounded by his equipment.

Aircrew boarding Halifax
Seven aircrew in flying clothing, carrying parachutes, boarding aircraft.

Ronald Carpenter
Head and shoulders portrait of Ronald Carpenter with bomb aimer's brevet and medal ribbons.

Ronald Carpenter’s observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book
Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book for R B Carpenter, bomb aimer, covering the period from 16 May 1941 to 30 April 1945 and from 13 November 1950 to 27 May 1953. Detailing his flying training, operations flown, instructor duties and post…
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