Tatley, Hubert Thomas


Tatley, Hubert Thomas
H T Tatley


14 items. The collection concerns Sergeant Hubert Thomas Tatley (1310893 Royal Air Force) and contains documents and photographs. He flew operations as a bomb aimer with 9 Squadron and was killed 20/21 December 1942.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Ian Blackmore and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.

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Tatley, HT

Collection Items

Record card for collision between Lancasters W 4182 and W4259
Card records all the details of the accident.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Sympathetic communications to his wife on Hubert's death
Three items the first is a letter from Officer Commanding 9 Squadron, the second and third are from the King one a typewritten note and the other coloured scroll.

Information about Lancaster W4182 WS-B of 9 Squadron
Lists the previous nine operations of Lancaster W4182 and recording that on an operation to Duisburg on the 20 December 1942 just after take off the aircraft collided with Lancaster W4259 from 44 Squadron. There were no survivors. The crews are…

Handwritten poem, two verses reflecting on the way they used to celebrate Christmas with friends and family and now someone is missing.

Hubert's Certificate of Birth
Certificate records that he was born on 27 August 1912 and it was registered on 3 October 1912.

Hubert's Enlistment Notice
It requires Hubert to report to the Blackpool Recruitment Centre. The notice records Hubert's, the Ministry of Labours local office and the Blackpool centre's addresses as well as the nearest railway station to the Blackpool Centre.

Poem with a photograph of Hubert standing in the back garden, row of houses in the background.

Woman and child
Portrait, head and shoulders, woman holding child both looking at the camera.

Woman and child
Portrait head and shoulders, woman is smiling at small child she is holding.

Hubert Tatley and his crew
The crew are posed in two rows, the second item is a crew list with Next of kin.
The crew list is, Sgt Hazell, L.C, Pilot, Sgt Gardiner, E , Flight Engineer, Sgt Miller, W.T, Navigator, Sgt Tatley, H.T, Bomb Aimer, Sgt Sharples, E.F. Gunner, Sgt…

Hubert Tatley
Three photographs of Hubert and family. The first is a formal portrait of Hubert, head and shoulders Sergeants stripes and air gunner badge.
The second shows him walking with another man down a broad pavement, he is dressed informally, a row of…

Airmen at a celebratory meal
Around 40 aircrew at Kimberley Hotel are formally seated at three tables with tablecloths, glasses, and cutlery. It is captioned 'Blackpool, 2nd right.

Additional information kindly provided by Graham Walton and Robert Leach of the Unidentified…

Course photograph
Course and their instructors posed in four rows in front of a row of houses. Captioned 'Passing out, 7th right back row'.

Hubert Tatley, with four of his crew
Group portrait of five aircrew, two standing and three seated, against a neutral backdrop. Hubert Tatley is fourth from right.
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