Taplin, J A


Taplin, J A


128 items. The collection concerns Flight Sergeant John Albert Taplin (b.1919, 1268696 Royal Air Force) and contains correspondence, documents photographs and two audio interviews. He flew operations as an air gunner with 408 Squadron before he was shot down and became a prisoner of war.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Kevan Taplin and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Taplin, JA

Collection Items

John Taplin's Air Cadet Notes
John's notes recorded when he was an air cadet. It includes the Browning Gun, Sighting, the VGO Gun, the Reflector Sight, the Frazer Nash Turret and Boulton Paul turret.

A History Corrected
A poem about Churchill and the absence of a medal for Bomber Command.

Letter to John Taplin's Parents from John
He writes from prisoner of war camp. He has had influenza but is better. He has received his first parcel and is very pleased with it. One sentence has been censored. He expects Christmas to be a bit different.

Six Men
Six men, four in army uniform and two civilians. They are standing by a stone wall and stone building. On the reverse is handwritten 'Here I am again mum hope you like it'.

Two Soldiers
A half length portrait of two soldiers. On the reverse is dated 7 May 1940.

Wedding Photograph
A bride and groom on their wedding day. On the reverse is dated 18 June 1946.

Eleven Men
Six soldiers, three airmen and two civilians.

Cardboard Box
Two photographs of a decorative cardboard box. In photo 1 the lid is closed and #2 it is open. Inside is postcard from a prisoner of war camp and papers.

Two Airmen
A framed colourised image of two airmen in flying kit. John is on the right.

John Taplin
A head and shoulders portrait of John with his air gunner brevet.

It's Time to Grant Bomber Command's Campaign Medal
The logo for a campaign to award medals to Bomber Command.

A Prisoner of War
News clipping. John Taplin is reported as a prisoner of war in Germany.

Prisoners of War
The newspaper article reports that John Taplin is alive and a prisoner of war.

Plan of Stalag VIIIB
A plan of the layout of all the sections of the camp.

Stalag VIII B (344) Lamsdorf
A scale plan of the POW camp, Stalag VIIIB

Letter to John Taplin's Father from RAF Record Office
The letter confirms that John is a prisoner of war.

Letter to John Taplin's Father from 408 Squadron Chaplain
He expresses sympathy that John is missing.

Letter to John Taplin from Harry Martin
Harry refers to the London reunion.

Letter to John Taplin from Lance
Lance invites him to a reunion in London.

Letter to John Taplin's Mother from Educational Supply Association Ltd
The letter expresses pleasure at the news that John will be soon home.

Letter to John Taplin's Father from RAF Central Depository
The letter acknowledges John's father's request for his personal effects.

Letter to John Taplin's Parents from the Salvation Army
The letter asks for John's address, prisoner of war number and camp number. They also sent a gift for John.

Letter to John Taplin's Father from Educational Supply Association Ltd
The letter offers sympathy from the directors of ESA Ltd, John's former employers.

Letter to John Taplin's Father from the British Red Cross
They advise that they have had no news about John.

Letter to John Taplin's Parents from 408 Squadron
The letter advises that John's effects have been forwarded to the Central Depsoitory.
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