Ballantyne, Bill


Ballantyne, Bill
William Morris Ballantyne
W M Ballantyne
Professor Ballantyne


Eight items. An oral history interview with Bill Ballantyne (1922 - 2021, 1395001 Royal Air Force) who flew as a pilot with 77 Squadron. Also includes his pilot's flying logbook, service training documents and a photograph of his crew.
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Ballantyne, WM

Collection Items

Bill Ballantyne Crew
Seven men wearing uniform tunic with brevet, three sitting in front and four standing behind. Submitted with caption 'Bill Ballantyne Crew'.

Training sorties
List of twenty-four pilot training sorties.

RAF Valley - link syllabus - radio range
List of thirteen link training sorties instrument and beam flying.

Sequence of flying instruction - conversion training
List of flying instruction sorties

1528 B.A.T Flight RR Instruction
List sequence of blind approach training instruction on Oxford.

Summary of flying and assessment on completion of course at 20 OTU RAF Lossiemouth
Gives total hours on Wellington and assessment of above the average.

W M  Ballantyne pilot's flying log book
Pilots flying log book for W M Ballantyne, covering the period from 3 March 1942 to 18 July 1945. Detailing his flying training, Duties with 267 transport squadron, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at SAAF Wonderboom, SAAF…

Interview with Bill Ballantyne
Bill Ballantyne was in his first year at Cambridge University and a member of the Air Squadron when war was declared out in 1939. Upon joining the air force, he was posted to South Africa, where he trained as a pilot on Tiger Moths. He joined 267…
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