Parker, John Joseph


Parker, John Joseph
J J Parker


14 items. The collection concerns Flying Officer John Joseph Parker (1062881, 121671 Royal Air Force) and contains documents, heirlooms and photographs. He served as ground personnel.
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Parker, JJ

Collection Items

Letter from John Joseph Parker to his wife
Four page hand written letter with envelope, postmarked Dumfries 21 June 1943, on A.S.T. headed paper. He complains about the station, and the weather, thanks her for the parcel and says that he is looking forward to his medical board. Enclosed was a…

John Joseph Parker's Form 850
JJ Parker's application for Family Allowance.

John Joseph Parker's A.M.Form  1406
Records JJ Parker's service having been commissioned.

John Joseph Parker's Service Record
Records his time in RAF before being commissioned.

John Joseph Parker's service
A handwritten note by John Joseph Parker's daughter briefly outlining his service as a Flying Officer.

Story of the Brooch
Hand written story of the brooch by John Joseph Parker's daughter.

Signed menu
Menu celebrating a course graduation from D Squadron No 166 Officer Cadet Traing School, Douglas Isle of Man at Collinson's Cafe on Monday 18 May 1942, signed by some of the attendees, John Joseph Parker's at the top. Included is a note written by…

John Joseph Parker in uniform
Informal, full length, in front of ironwork balustrade overlooking river or estuary.

Group Photograph
Mixed group, five female civilians, one male civilian, 12 servicemen. On the reverse 'John Joseph Parker standing left back with pipe, taken in Blackpool'.

John Joseph Parker
John Joseph Parker in a formal pose, upper torso wearing cap and greatcoat with Flying Officer rank braids, on the reverse 'F. O. J.J. Parker'.

John Joseph Parker
Formal portrait of John Joseph Parker, upper torso with corporal stripes. inscribed 'Mum. loving son Jack 31/3/1941'. On the reverse 'John Joseph Parker' also photographers stamp 'Valette Studio 32 Bank Hey Street, Blackpool 28 Mar 1941'.

John Joseph Parker at Blackpool boarding house
Seven items:
1. A photograph of the boarding house.
2. An advertisement for Southbank, the boarding house.
3. A photograph of 22 airmen, including John Joseph Parker as a corporal, three ladies and one man arranged in four rows in front of a…

Royal Air Force Association Friend brooch
Metal brooch with R.A.F.A. insignia and the word Friend cast into it.

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Inscribed watch/compass
Combined watch / compass inscribed 'To F/O Parker from Ansty H.G. and a note written by John Joseph Parker's daughter.

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