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Bagg, John
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12 items. An oral history interview with Leading Aircraftsman John Garrett Bagg (b.1920, 1475631 Royal Air Force) and 11 photographs. John Bagg trained as an instrument mechanic before re-mustering as photographer. He served at RAF Finningley, RAF Bircotes, RAF Whitchurch and RAF Sleap.

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Collection Items

Interview with John Bagg
John Bagg worked as a clerk before joining the Royal Air Force at the age of twenty. He was trained as an Instrument Mechanic before remustering and completing a specialist camera course. He went on to serve on several training stations. After the…

Target photograph showing coastal village of Ault, just south of the Somme estuary. Coastline and beach can be seen, with village to the left with roads radiating out into countryside. Captioned '3, 9637.TIL.22/23.6.43//NT.8" 11000: 301.02.04.…

Cologne cathedral
Low altitude aerial reconnaissance photograph showing damage to and around Cologne cathedral: the railway station is partially visible on the right with extensive damage to canopy and some track damage. Rubble has been cleared, several tramcars can…

Aerial reconnaissance photograph of Caen showing heavy bombing damage. A few gutted buildings are still standing and the roads have been cleared of debris. No traffic visible.

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Initial training at RAF Melksham
60 personnel arranged in five five ranks, are standing, seated or crouched in front of an hangar hangar door with number 5 on it. John Baggs is in the front row, second from the right.

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YMCA tea car at RAF Sleap
A group of 18 RAF personnel are standing or seated around a YMCA tea car, some are holding mugs, others are smoking, others are standing in lines in front of the open side of the van. John Bagg is sitting on the running board with the white mug.…

John Bagg in the camera workshop
Leading aircraftsman John Bagg using a screwdriver at a work bench with a vice. Controllers are on racks in the background.

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Aircraft graveyard
Halifax aircraft in numerous rows on a grassy field.

Ground personnel on a motorcycle and sidecar
Four personnel on a RAF Norton Big4 motorcycle combination (with driven sidecar wheel). A leading aircraftsman in the sidecar is holding a reconnaissance camera. Two men are in uniform, the others are in shirt and tie; the rider is wearing a crash…

John Baggs off duty
John Baggs is sitting on a bench type bed, in a brick built room, smoking a cigarette in front of a wood burning stove. He is wearing gumboots. Posters, including a pin-up, are on the walls.

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John Bagg playing bowls
Three men in shirts and ties are playing bowls. One is wearing dark glasses. John Bagg is in the middle. A wall covered in vegetation and a bench with items of clothing on it are in the background.

John Bagg by a Wellington
Leading Aircraftsman John Bagg is standing next to the rear turret of a Wellington.

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