Wright, John Alfred


Wright, John Alfred
J A Wright


21 items. The collection concerns John Alfred Wright (1913 - 1986, 563242 Royal Air Force). It contains items associated with his marriage to Kathleen Burchell (Kay) several photographs, and notes about his service at RAF Graveley.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by John M Wright and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Wright, JA

Collection Items

Portrait of WAAF in uniform, head and shoulders, photographer Harold Moyse, Muswell Hill.

Kathleen Wright's genealogical information
Genealogical details of Kathleen Dorothy Wright (nee Burchell) and her parents.

John Wright's Mentioned in Despatches dates
There are four occasions when John was Mentioned in Despatches.

With compliments card
From John and his new wife Kathleen, possibly sent with piece of wedding cake.

John Wright's genealogical details
Form giving John's and Kathleen's birth, death and employment etc details.

John Wright's family tree
From 1775 to 2002.

Marriage invitation
Invitation card to John's marriage to Kathleen from her parents (Mr & Mrs F C Burchell).

35 Squadron staff
23 individuals, mix of small number of aircrew and officers, with ground personnel of airmen and one woman. Posed in two rows, front row seated, in front of building with 35 Squadron badge signed as "Squadron HQs".

Halifax Mk 2 with aircrew and ground crew
Aircraft squadron letter J with 11 individuals: front row, kneeling five groundcrew, rear row standing six aircrew.

Halifax Mk 2 with aircrew and ground crew
Halifax Mk 2 squadron letter F, taken from the front, with two rows posed in front, 19 individuals, mix of aircrew and ground crew. Bomb trolley front right with bomb redacted. Airfield dispersal background.

Halifax Mk 2 with ground crew
Left side of Halifax Mk 2 nose, with nine ground crew standing in two rows, airfield dispersal background.

Nose art visible showing number of operations and character illustration.

Kathleen Wright
Service and Certificate of Discharge form for Kathleen Wright, John's wife.

John Wright Form 1394
Service and Certificate of Discharge form.

John Wright's birth, marriage and death certificates
Also included are the birth and death certificates of his wife Kathleen.

Revue 'Flying High' cast working documents
Cast list, running order and words to the songs.

Christmas dinner menu 1941
Printed on one side, Royal Air Force Crest and Stirling outline with menu items, some signatures on the reverse.

Christmas dinner menu RAF Graveley 1942
Served to the officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers of RAF Graveley, some signatures on inside.

Programme for revue 'Flying High'
Revue produced by RAF Graveley Entertainments Committee, with combined Royal Air Force and Women's Auxiliary Air Force cast, including Kay Burchell. Includes some signatures.

Programme for 'Flying High' revue, third edition
Produced by RAF Graveley Entertainments Committee with a combined Women's Auxiliary Air Force and Royal Air Force cast.

Programme for revue 'Flying High'
Revue produced by RAF Graveley Entertainments Committee, programme number 463, 16 acts from combined Women's Auxiliary Air Force and Royal Air Force cast including Kay Burchell.

John Alfred Wright's life story
Brief but detailed notes of John Alfred Wright's life and Royal Air Force service, places he lived and the dates, stations that he served at, ranks held, medals awarded.
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